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Choosing the Right 3M Glue Sticks for Furniture & Woodworking

Choosing the Right 3M Glue Sticks for Furniture & Woodworking

When it comes to woodworking, you have to have the right tool for the job. You wouldn't use a frying pan and thumbtacks in place of a hammer and nails, and you shouldn't use just any old glue for bonding pieces together. Glues and glue guns come in a wide variety of types, and have specialized applications depending on what you are building.

Today, we are highlighting a lineup of products from 3M. Here is a quick primer on the adhesives and guns that will work best for your furniture and woodworking projects:

Glue Sticks

  1. 3M 3792 General Purpose Glue Sticks. This is a great all-around glue with good adhesion for both wood and plastic. It is impact-resistant regardless of temperature, and with almost a minute of bonding range, you get plenty of time to put parts together.
  2. 3M 3792 LM Low Melt Glue Sticks. High-temperature glue can give you a superior bond, but sometimes the material you are working with calls for a more delicate approach. Most glue sticks are designed to apply at 380 degrees Fahrenheit, but if you need a cooler adhesive to bond heat-sensitive materials, it makes sense to use glue sticks that are specifically designed for lower temperatures.
  3. 3M 3738 Glue Sticks. This glue is tan-colored and has a high delivery rate. It is best suited for projects involving foundry sand cores, chipboard and corrugated materials.
  4. 3M 3747 Glue Sticks. This tan-colored general purpose glue is good for bonding things like metal and plastic.  It is a medium-performance adhesive best used for detailed tasks, like bonding furniture accents that won't see a lot of impact.
  5. 3M 3789 Polyamide Glue Sticks. Also tan-colored, this glue is designed for use on plastics, so it is great for bonding otherwise difficult surfaces. It resists impact and peeling, as well as the action of fuels, oils and mold.  This is the go-to glue for components that take a beating with regular use.

Glue Guns

  1. 3M AE II Glue Gun. Basic and easy to use, the 3M AE II Glue Gun will get your basic projects done. Not to mention the AE II comes in both high temp and low temp versions.
  2. 3M TC Glue Gun. Durable and reliable, you can count on the 3M TC Glue Gun to produce a large volume of glue for those big jobs without turning into a drippy mess (so you minimize clean-up time and don't waste glue.)  This is a great choice for a serious woodworker. The only drawback with this product is that the glue stick has to be pushed through the gun manually.
  3. 3M TC Glue Gun with Quadrack Converter. The Quadrack Converter saves you from hand cramps by including a palm trigger.  You can dispense a lot of glue with this product, but there is a catch:  Once you are using the Quadrack, you have to use ridged 5/8" X 8" glue sticks.
  4. 3M Polygun EC Glue GunWhen you need to put out a lot of glue in a short amount of time, but you don't want to shell out for a full-priced pneumatic glue gun, this is your best bet.  It can handle high and low temperatures, and is perfect for product assembly projects.
  5. 3M Polygun II Glue GunThe most expensive – but definitely highest value – glue gun on our list today, this pneumatic gun is worth every cent, because it lasts for years and years.  The Polygun II is the industry standard – the gun other companies try to emulate – because it is the best around.


Have you worked with these products before?  Which glue sticks and glue guns did you find best-suited for your woodworking projects?  Let us know in the comments.