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The Top Five Hot Melt Packaging Glue Sticks

The Top Five Hot Melt Packaging Glue Sticks

corrugated carton - packagingHere at, we've got a huge variety of stellar products available for all of your needs. This week, we want to showcase some of our favorite packaging glue sticks – perfect for the packaging and shipping needs of any business of any size.

Too many folks are stuck on using archaic tape rollers, which run out in the middle of jobs and cost a lot more per unit. Packaging glue sticks offer you long life and versatility, and save you time, money and pesky hand cramps from repetitive motion. Pair any of these adhesives with our best selling Infinity Bond Scout HT, or Infinity Bond Ranger PRO for best results! Let's take a look at the top five packaging glue sticks available on now:

  1. InfinityPack Packaging Glue Sticks. Perfectly formulated for use with corrugated cardboard, this is one of our newest and best packaging solutions. When you need to seal a lot of cartons quickly, you can't go wrong with InfinityPack.
  2. Ad Tech 610 Packaging Glue Sticks. Our runaway bestseller, Ad Tech 610 glue sticks are a great value, and come in a variety of standard and custom sizes, making them compatible with a wide array of glue guns.
  3. Power Adhesives 341 Packaging Glue Sticks. This is an adhesive so strong that it is also suitable for woodworking and cable work – but it sets quickly and best of all, has a much milder smell than other glue sticks, so folks that are sensitive to the odor of adhesive get a break.
  4. Surebonder 711 Packaging Glue Sticks. One of our most cost-effective packaging adhesive products, the Surebonder 711 features a fast initial tack and a ten second open time. If you have a large or high-volume packaging and shipping operation, you can save even more money by purchasing these glue sticks in bulk. Contact us for more details.
  5. Power Adhesives TEC Bond 14 Packaging Glue Sticks. Designed for use with all Power Adhesives guns, the TEC Bond 14 is the perfect marriage of cost-effectiveness and adhesive strength. It works particularly well on cardboard, making it the best Power Adhesives packaging glue stick, and it features a high delivery rate and ultra-quick setting time.


There is no need to waste valuable time, money and effort on subpar packaging and shipping solutions. Switch to hot melt packaging glue sticks today and see for yourself!