Infinity Melt Templator Glue Stick Review
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Infinity Melt has formulated glue sticks with our solid surface friends in mind. Templator glue sticks are available in 1/2" and 5/8' featuring medium open time. These templating glue sticks offer a higher viscosity ensuring that the hot melt stays in place during application. This hot melt adhesives works a variety of templating materials like card board, luan, and templast.

Make templating even easier by using a cordless glue gun. We recommend using Steinel butane glue gun, or available in June 2014 Surebonder's Hybird 120 dual power glue gun


Type: EVA 
Application Temperature: 350°F to 375°F 
Viscosity @ 350°F: 10,600 cps 
Softening Point: 180°F - 190°F 
Open Time: Medium 
Color: Frosty White 
Form: 1/2” & 5/8” 
Shelf Life: Indefinite

Suggested Application:

Templating for countertop installation

Comparable Products:

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