Why Choose Sulzer Mixpac Static Mixers?

Sulzer Mixpac Static Mixers Make Us Happy

We are pretty excited about our Sulzer's products here on Gluegun.com – but what got us so happy about it? After all, we carry a wide variety of products, so what makes Sulzer special? 

Well, it could be the fact that Sulzer has two centuries of experience, or that their products are known (and used) everywhere - on some of the world's most treasured architectural achievements, including the Golden Gate Bridge? It could also be the fact that we are just into stuff like this. Some people collect stamps, some people play video games for hours, some people run marathons, and we geek out on glue guns. 

Don't judge us.

We're pleased to indulge our passion by telling the world that Gluegun.com now carries a full line of Sulzer products, including static mixers, cartridge guns and their attendant adhesive. Here's a little breakdown on why you should be excited about Sulzer, too:

Static Mixing

If your work involves epoxy or other two-component mixer adhesives, Sulzer is the brand for you. What makes Sulzer's static mixing products so special? They are an innovative industry leader with a huge selection of mixers and an endlessly customizable array of elements, tip styles, static mix nozzles and attachments. Got a high-precision job? We have you covered with a motionless mixer.  Need to put out a huge quantity of epoxy? Sulzer has just the mixer for you. You can see our full lineup of Sulzer static mixers (and accessories) here.

Mixpac Cartridge Guns

Need a one-component or two-component cartridge gun? Do you prefer a pneumatic gun so you can really pump out the glue? Regardless of your needs, Sulzer makes a gun that will help you get the job done efficiently, effectively and inexpensively.  Their Mixpac products are renowned for their quality, durability and ease of use. Check out the full lineup of cartridge guns here.

Mixpac Cartridge Systems

We carry every cartridge you could possibly need for your Sulzer mixer or gun, with cartridges ranging from 25mL to 400mL. If you've decided to go with the System Industrial series, we can keep your glue stocks full, and no matter what ratio you have settled on, whether 1:1 or 10:1, we've got the cartridges that keep you working. You can peruse our full selection here.

Here's the best part: We make Sulzer products available at low volumes and case quantities, so the right tool for the job is never out of your price range.

So how about it? Is our excitement infectious? Let us know your success stories with Sulzer in the comments.

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