Spotlight on Adhesive Systems, Inc. (ASI)

Ladies and gentlemen, we here at would like to kick March off right with a celebration of three great things: Longer days (don't forget to set your clocks forward on the 9th,) slightly less freezing weather (unless you're in Minnesota, like us) and our highlighted products for this month from Adhesive Systems, Inc. (ASI.)

We're excited to put ASI's products front and center, because they reflect the mastery, commitment and hard effort that the company has put into its work for almost twenty years. Their lineup is a great complement to our already huge variety of glue guns and adhesives – so let's take a look at some of the ASI products we are featuring this month:

  1. ASI Super Glue. Forget that cheap stuff they sell at the dollar store – that barely holds the parts of a model airplane together, much less withstands the rough-and-tumble of the industrial environment. You need a glue that works on almost any surface, that holds up in temperature fluctuations and offers plenty of impact resistance (because let's face it, if a glue won't hold against some normal jostling and wear-and-tear, there's nothing "super" about it.) In our store, you will find a glue to work for any job – fast-setting, high-temperature, colored and non-colored and more.
  2. Epoxy. For a permanent hold, your best bet is one of ASI's many versatile epoxies. Whether you are potting, need a bond that will hold in bad weather like snow (again, especially if you're in Minnesota, like us) or need to bond metal without the hassle of breaking out your welding gear, ASI has you covered with its full lineup. Epoxies always work best with one of our static mix nozzles, so be sure to swing by and check out our selection here.
  3. UV Cure Acrylic Adhesive. Perfect for bonding glass and crystal (here's looking at you, folks in the furniture/decorative business), ASI's diverse selection of UV-cured adhesives ensure you'll always have the right bond for the right job, no matter how delicate. For the ultimate in precision application, be sure to peruse our Jensen Needle applicators while shopping for the right adhesive.
  4. Methacrylate. It may be a bit hard to pronounce, but methacrylate is a cinch to apply with our static mix nozzles – and we've even got a package deal going right now if you buy both at the same time. If you do any type of work with composites, thermoplastics or metals – whether you are making shoes, bass guitars, riot shields or airplane windows – you won't want to miss our sale.

You can see the full array of ASI products that proudly stocks by clicking here. To learn more about the wonderful world of Adhesive Systems, Inc., head over to their web site by clicking here

What are your experiences with ASI? Do you love their products as much as we do? Let us know in the comments!

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