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Do you need to get the job or repair done right and get it done quickly? Using just any adhesive can become a timely process while you sit and wait for it to cure or for the fumes from the adhesive to subside. There is a solution to relieve all of your headaches--PAMTite! PAMTite is a revolutionary adhesive system perfect for maintenance, repairs, and remodeling; whether used in hospital facilities, schools, industrial sites or for the do-it-yourself project, users won't be disappointed with the end result.

PAMTite and the HB220 glue gun work together to give your project a bond so tight that they will be ready for marriage. This awesome duo can bond both, porous and non-porous materials together--vinyl, wood, plastics, ceramic tile, metal, glass, concrete, you name it and PAMTite and HB220 will make it stick. The HB220 glue gun operates with a 220 watt heating element, is ready for the job after just five minutes of warm-up, has an adjustable temperature up to 428°F, and can be used continuously, so you don't have that awkward pause in the middle of a job. The PAMTite adhesive sticks come in your choice of an individual 1 lb. bag of 18 sticks, 5 lb. bag or a 22 lb. box.

Due to its low VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels and almost odorless qualities, PAMTite is perfect for maintenance, repair, and remodeling in high traffic facilities such as hospitals, schools, hotels, and restaurants. The following are just a few of the suggested uses of PAMTite and the HB220 glue gun:

  • Ceramic tile repair - You can easily repair or replace broken tiles with either a glossy or non-glossy surface; and works with ceramic, terrazzo, granite and other stones and tiles.
  • Hardwood flooring - PAMTite can be used on both finished and unfinished wood surfaces and will not damage a pre-finished surface. There are many facets to the use of PAMTite with hardwood flooring, including hollow spot repair, use on transition strips, use on moldings, and absolutely no nailing is needed.
  • Vinyl cove molding - As you might find with many other adhesives, they will not stick to vinyl; however, this is not the case for PAMTite. The special formula used in PAMTite will give a strong, long-lasting bond.
  • Commercial carpet - With its ability to stick to concrete and several different types of carpet backing, PAMTite is the perfect option to be used for carpet repairs, and especially for curled carpet or loose corners.

There are several other uses for PAMTite and the HB220 gun as well, such as crown and chair moldings, cabinet trim, bathroom repairs, furniture maintenance, and rubber stair tread repair. When you need an excellent bond, fast curing time, and something that will stick to just about anything, PAMTite and the HB220 gun are your solution.



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