What's the Best Hot Glue Gun?
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A question we commonly get asked around here is "What's the best hot glue gun?"  Well, it's really a matter of opinion, but all the employees at Gluegun.com do have their favorites. Not to mention they range from basic to industrial. We thought we would put a little list together of our favorite glue guns based off certain characteristics and applications. Truth, be told getting the best glue gun depends on what you want or need it to do. The best glue gun for one persons' application isn't always the best one for someone else. 

We still thought it would be fun to compile a list of the best glue guns just to get you started in your search. Now, remember take all these suggestions with a grain of salt. If you truly want to know the best glue gun for you, contact us about your application.

Glue Guns By Stick Size

1/2"  5/8" 1 3/4"
Pro9000a MT500 TEC 3200
FPC Surebonder PRO9000A Glue Gun Ad Tech MT500 Glue Gun TEC 3200 All Electric 43mm (1 3/4)


Multi-Temperature Glue Guns

1/2" Glue Sticks Bulk
HB 220 Glue Gun HB710 Extursion (This glue gun is also available in a spray version)
PAM HB220 Adjustable Temp Glue Gun PAM HB710 Pneumatic Extrusion Glue Gun


By Application

 Crafting Templating Woodworking
Power Adhesives TEC 305 Surebonder Hybrid 120 Titebond HiPURformer
Power Adhesives TEC 305 Glue Gun Surebonder Cordless Battery Powered Hybrid 120 Glue Gun Titebond 1361 HiPURformer PUR Glue Gun
Light Packaging Packaging/Product Assembly Precast Concrete
Power Adhesives TEC 805 3M Polygun PG II Power Adhesives TEC 6300
Power Adhesives TEC 805 Glue Gun 3M PG II Pneumatic Glue Gun Power Adhesives TEC 6300 Spray Pnuematic Glue Gun


Coolest Features


Standby Mode Shot Timer & Foot Pedal
Surebonder Hybrid 120 Power Adhesives TEC 3200 Surebonder 753 Desktop Dispenser
Surebonder Cordless Battery Powered Hybrid 120 Glue Gun TEC 3200 All Electric 43mm (1 3/4) Metered Pneumatic Hot Melt Dispenser








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