Free Power Adhesives Glue Gun Promo

The Promotion

Power Adhesives is running an amazing promotion (while supplies last) on the TEC 805-15 glue gun. When you purchase 22lbs of any 5/8" glue stick from Power Adhesives, they are throwing in a TEC 805-15 5/8" glue gun completely Free! Power has brought in extra inventory of the TEC 805-15 just for this promotion and when they're gone...they're gone. Get this amazing deal while you can! 

TEC 805-15 Overview
The TEC 805-15 glue gun is a 5/8" applicator that runs any 5/8" standard temperature glue stick. 5/8" glue guns offer some great advantages over their lower volume 1/2" counterparts including 30% more adhesive dispensed per trigger pull and the guns ability to hold up to 60% more glue. Even with these advantages, the TEC 805 5/8" version still has the same compact, lightweight footprint of the 1/2" version.

Getting to the Glue
Everyone knows Power Adhesives is known for creating quality, well-priced glue sticks and this promotion covers just about every formulation they make. Buy just 2 cases (22lbs total) of any of the below formulations and receive a free TEC 805-15 gun, a $65 value.
  • 14-15 High delivery, very fast setting packaging adhesive.
  • 23-15 Medium viscosity multi-purpose adhesive. For fabric, hard & soft wood & many plastics.
  • 232-15 Economical, high viscosity, clear general purpose adhesive. Suitable for fabrics, wood, card, and some plastics.
  • 240-15 High delivery, long open time, multi-purpose, clear adhesive. For use with many plastics & light gauge metals.
  • 248-15 Very high performance, acrylic based hot melt. Excellent adhesion to smooth and shiny surfaces.
  • 260-15 High performance, long open time, tough, flexible adhesive. Suitable for ceramics, plastics & woods.
  • 341-15 Medium viscosity, fast setting, white adhesive with instant grab, suitable for packaging and woodworking applications.

Questions about the promotion or what glue stick is going to work best for your application? Contact us today for answers to all of your glue gun needs. 

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