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Name: Ken King

Job Title: National Sales Manager

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Job Experience: 

30 years in the Chemical Industry, materials and process

Do you specialize in any certain adhesive or application?  I specialize in Structural Bonding, Silicones, and Hot Melt technology.

What is the most interesting adhesive application you have worked on?  Top secret, someone would have to die.  Structural metal bonding in a Cruise Missile Launch System for the US Navy.

What information should customers have ready when calling in looking for an adhesive?  What is the final product, what environmental exposure will the product see, and how will it be tested for approval

What is your favorite handheld hot melt gun? Pro2-220      

What is your go-to glue stick formula?  Infinity SuperTac 11

What’s the craziest thing you have fixed with adhesives in your own life?  The front grill on my BMW.  MS Polymer (ASI #57)    

What do you like to do in your free time?  Family, motorcycles, music



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