3M Cubitron II Cut and Grind Wheels

Let’s be honest. We’re all friends here. I don’t care how hard you like to work or how strong your welding arm is. No one likes to sweat. 3M’s Cubitron II Abrasive Technology cuts back on the effort you need to tackle tough jobs. We’ll save you a trip to the laundromat and save you more than chump change along the way. That’s right. Faster, easier grinding also translates to faster production, faster sales, and money back into your pocket.

Cubitron II technology is made to enhance your shop’s performance and productivity. Cut and grind wheels are Cubitron’s wheelhouse: these tools are designed to increase speed and reduce wear and tear for grinding, scale removal, deburring, weld removal, contoured areas, beveling, cutting, blending, notching, gouging, flame cut smoothing, scale removal and more. Whether you’re in the metal fabrication industry, working for a big oil and gas company, or tooling for agricultural and construction machinery organizations, Cubitron II Adhesive tools typically last twice as long as other wheels and increase cut output by up to two hundred percent.

This technology is transforming the industry by setting a new gold standard for cut and grind discs. Cubitron II technology uses triangular, precision-shaped ceramic peaks that cut and grind in concert with each other for more consistent, reliable results. Each peak is electronically oriented to ensure the easiest, fastest cut you’ve ever experienced. After 10 minutes of use, most professionals saw twice the output they would expect from a similar tool. Talk about results. And because you – and your tools – are exerting less force, Cubitron II technology helps regulate temperature and keeps your work cooler throughout your project lifecycle. Last, but certainly not least, the grind wheel naturally sharpens itself as the ceramic peaks break off and form new blades; your disc will last longer and wear out more evenly than competitive models.

Cubitron II technology also offers more versatility than any other brand. You can use your tool as a depressed center grinding wheel or as a cut-off wheel, allowing you to do more with fewer tools. To support your projects, The Cubitron II family rounds out their technology with pneumatic sanders, grinders, and accessorizing tools.

Technology like this has the power to transform how we work and how hard we need to sweat for success.  Whoever said working smarter not harder was certainly on to something. Contact us for additional information.

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