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Surebonder Company Overview

Surebonder is the vendor of the month! What does that mean? We're going to be offering special promotions and discounts on the Surebonder line of glue guns, glue sticks and accessories all month and highlighting some of their best products with in-depth reviews. We will also be discussing some of the applications where the Surebonder line really excels. 

Formerly the FPC Corporation, Surebonder carries an expertise in fastening. Aside from the industrial adhesives and applicators you can find on, they also carry nail and staple guns, rivets and more. Why is this important? Because knowing how to get two things to stick together is what these guys do, and they are very good at it. In business since 1968, Surebonder is still a family owned and operated business making products right here in the USA. 

Surebonder and

This is a true match made in heaven. Surebonder is great at making some of the top glue guns and adhesives on the market and we are great at educating customers about their best uses. The glue geeks at know these products inside and out and are more than happy to provide samples so you can test and make sure you are buying the best possible adhesive for your very specific needs. On top of fast turnaround times on Surebonder products, carries a low price guarantee on the entire line of glue guns and adhesives. Contact us today with questions or for more information on the Surebonder FPC product line.

Additional Resources

In Case you missed it, use Promo Code SUREGUNMAY10 and receive an additional 10% off of any Surebonder Glue Gun in the month of May.



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