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Posted on May 17, 2013 by Gluegun.com | 0 comments

Here at Gluegun.com, your opinion matters. It affects the products we carry, the manufactures we represent and how we recommend products to  other valued customers. The best way for us to determine the top products is with your feedback. It lets us know how a product performs in the real world, which ones are up to the challenge and which ones are not.

We know it takes a little bit of your time to write an honest review on the product(s) you have purchased and/or used which is why we are going to add a little incentive for your opinions. Every review you write on a product you have purchased or used, you are automatically entered to win $75 in free stuff from Gluegun.com. We will do a drawing each quarter and the more products you review, the more times you are entered to win. This includes anything in our store from hot glue guns and glue sticks to cartridges guns, nozzles and adhesives. You can find the product review section at the bottom of every product page.

Thanks for your opinions!

- The Gluegun.com Team




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