How to Change a Glue Gun Nozzle
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1. The most important step in changing a nozzle is to preheat your glue gun. If your glue gun is not warmed up you will damage it while changing the nozzle.

2. After it's warmed up, use your pliers or nozzle wrench to unscrew the nozzle. Be very careful when taking the nozzle off as it will be hot. (We have burned ourselves a few times in this process - we don't recommend it!)


3. Screw in the new nozzle and you are good to go! The glue gun nozzle on the Gas Tec 600 has a silicone covering all you need to do is just flip it down into place and all the steps to changing a nozzle are complete.


The glue gun featured in this photo tutorial is Power Adhesives Gas Tec 600. If you are interested in learning more about this butane glue gun check out our Gas Tec 600 Glue Gun Review.

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