3M Partner Spotlight - Adhesives and Abrasives

Partner Spotlight: 3M Adhesives and Dispensing

3M – once called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company – is a brand that hardly needs any introduction. Their products have revolutionized almost every industry – from transportation and manufacturing, to healthcare and the inside of your home office. The company’s vision is to “inspire innovation and ignite progress,” so it should come as no surprise that this market leader is … well … leading the market in our field.

Out of more than 60,000 products, we are most inspired by 3M’s groundbreaking work in adhesives and abrasives. With over a century of experience, this American-born company combines science, engineering, and common sense to make products that are highly functional and intuitive. Here are a few of our favorites.

Old Standards:

  • Glue Guns: You can’t think about 3M without acknowledging the top-of-the-line glue guns their team has produced. 3M’s line of Polygun glue guns include some of our favorite tools on the market. The company’s emphasis on how the user will handle the gun and thought leadership behind gun ergonomics and design make the brand a favorite for manufacturers and artisans alike. 
  • Glue Sticks: 3M has built an adhesive empire on research-based innovation to enhance the current hot melt market. The results? Incredible products such as general purpose, 3M 3747 Glue Sticks and production-line-ready 3750 AE Glue Sticks. These versatile, affordable general use adhesives are complemented by specialty options for almost any application.

Stuck on the Future:

  • Low Odor Acrylics: Beyond the brand’s tried and true performers, new technological breakthroughs have solidified 3M as an adhesive leader. The 3M DP9910NS, DP8805NS, and DP8405NS low odor adhesives are cutting edge structural adhesives that let today’s manufacturers work longer and more efficiently without fear of discomfort or injury as a result of inhaling adhesive fumes.
  • Cubitron Abrasive Technology: Last, but certainly not least, one of our favorite 3M creations is the revolutionary Cubitron abrasive collection. The Cubitron family includes everything you need to perfect your work from cut and grind wheels, to abrasive belts and flap discs. 3M’s groundbreaking Cubitron technology employs triangular-shaped finishing grain that lets you grind faster and more precisely for unparalleled results … and because these grains also use a self-sharpening technology to keep your tools performing longer, you’ll enjoy plenty of savings along the way.

At Gluegun.com, we love featuring partners like 3M that create with our end users in mind. We know that your work is more than a livelihood, and so does 3M.

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