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Gluegun.com has entered into a partnership with Henkel-Loctite, the world’s number one adhesives producer, and now offers the full line of Henkel and Loctite products to our customers.

This collaboration is a natural, pairing one of the nation’s top adhesive brands — Loctite — with the nation’s top online adhesive retailer — Gluegun.com.

The addition of Henkel-Loctite products fits perfectly into the Gluegun.com commitment to providing companies a full range of top of the line products to power their businesses.

The Loctite-Henkel Story

Loctite began producing adhesives in 1956. The impetus for the company’s creation was the development of a unique bonding resin, anaerobic sealant, developed by Dr. Vernon Krieble at Trinity College.

During the 1960s, Loctite developed the popular brand called “Superglue” or cyanoacrylate, which cured at room temperature. Henkel, in 1997, acquired the Loctite name, and it quickly became the primary brand for Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

Henkel and Loctite Products

Loctite has provided consumer and industrial customers advanced sealing and adhesive solutions for over half a century. The company holds over 5,000 patents that are a direct result of the company’s commitment to innovation. Loctite offers breakthrough formulations and frustration-free dispensing solutions in their premium line of quality anaerobics, acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, silicones and aerosols.

Henkel and Loctite adhesives have a proven record for strength, quality and dependability. The products have been used in extremely critical and stressful applications, such as joining airplane parts and constructing of the U.S. space shuttles. They have earned the reputation as the preferred products by professionals and hobbyists and are perfect for construction, repairs and other tasks in an incredibly wide array of industries from food and beverage to the automobile industry.

In short, Loctite’s product line has a solution for almost every bonding or sealing need.

Among the Loctite products that will now be available to Gluegun.com customers are Loctite structural adhesives, Loctite hot melts, and Loctite dispensing equipment.

Loctite Structural Adhesives

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Loctite H8100 provides exceptional peel strength on multiple substances. This high-performance product works especially well when bonding aluminum, with a sheer strength of 3090 psi for this metal. For steel, the sheer strength is also very high, at 2880 psi.

At a full cure temperature of 77° Fahrenheit, the bond is fully set in 24 hours.

If you are looking for a moisture-resistant, low odor epoxy, Loctite E-05MR structural adhesive can do the job. This epoxy works very well on ceramics, metals, and plastics. A two-component adhesive, it has a very fast cure rate.

The Henkel Line of Hot Melts by Loctite

Henkel is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high-performance hot melt adhesives that are used in many general industrial applications as well as consumer packaged goods.

These hot melt applications offer several key advantages.

By offering a variety of application methods, ranging from hand-rollers to robotic spray guns, flexibility in part design is possible; greater tolerances in part design are also possible due to their gap filling ability. The adhesives work perfectly for bonding two non-porous surfaces. The hot melt adhesives can be used in high-humidity environments without any degradation of the bond, they have an extremely long shelf life.

Bulk Hot Melts by Henkel-Loctite

Henkel-Loctite has several bulk hot melts with specific manufacturing processes that match particular substrate bonding requirements. The Technomelt 0437 works well on wood, fabric, plastic, or foam.

A good general bulk hot melt is the Technomelt PA7804.

If you need an adhesive with excellent impact, shock, and heat resistant properties for bonding metals and plastic, try the Technomelt PA7901.


All of Henkel’s hot melts are ideal where bonding versatility, fast green strength or minimal shrinkage is required. Henkel also offers products for high-speed manufacturing environments.

Loctite Dispensing Equipment

In addition to its commitment to providing innovative bonding solutions, Loctite is committed to providing a wide range of frustration-free dispensing solutions.

For many industrial applications, Loctite manufacturers a wide range of dispensing systems and other essential ancillary accessories, such as volumetric adhesive dispensing machines, single-component dispensing, two-part dispensing and more.

Final Word

Gluegun.com, headquartered in Edina, MN, is one of the nation’s largest online adhesive retailers. For over 25 years, GlueGun.com has offered clients in a wide range of industries an easy one-stop solution for their adhesive and supply needs.

We are excited about our partnership with Loctite which will allow us to continue to provide our customers with the best choice of top quality equipment, adhesives and accessories at extremely competitive prices.

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