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5/8" (15mm) Hot Glue Guns

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Need a little more oomph in your hot glue gun dispensing? 5/8" (also called 15mm) hot glue guns allow for higher volume dispensing and less frequent glue stick changes. carries an assortment of 5/8" hot glue guns from brands like Surebonder, Power Adhesives, Ad Tech and more. Questions about 5/8" glue guns? Contact one of our adhesive experts we'll help provide a personal recommendation to your hot glue gun needs.

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Common Questions about 5/8" Hot Glue Guns

Will a 1/2" glue stick fit in a 5/8" glue gun?

No. Even though the 1/2" stick is smaller, it will not feed through a 5/8" glue gun. Furthermore, trying to use a 1/2" glue stick in a 5/8" gun can cause the gun to jam and break so we strongly recommend not trying, just take our word for it that it won't work.

What is the difference between a 5/8" glue gun and a 1/2" glue gun?

We get this question a lot. A 5/8 glue gun typically offers a larger heater and more wattage allowing it to dispense at a higher volume. More importantly, a 5/8" glue gun can use 5/8" glue sticks. That means more adhesive can be dispensed per trigger pull and the glue stick needs to be replaced less often because it is larger than the more traditional 1/2".

Are there any disadvantages to a 5/8" hot glue gun?

Kind of a tricky question. Some 5/8" glue guns are a little bulkier than traditional 1/2" versions. This can make a little more fatigue with long term use but isn't a complaint we get often. We also carry a great 5/8" glue gun - the TEC 805 - that offers all of the benefits in a smaller footprint. Glue gun stands and hangers can also help with larger glue guns.

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