ASI MP 5404FS Rapid Heat Cure One Part Epoxy

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About the ASI MP 5404FS Fast Setting Heat Cure Epoxy

The Adhesive Systems Inc (ASI) MP5404FS is a single component heat cure epoxy. What makes the MP5404FS unique is that it will cure in under 20 seconds when exposed to heat via an induction or infrared oven. This fast setting epoxy adhesive will bond most substrates including difficult surfaces like ceramic, metal and glass.

The MP5404FS is a non-sag epoxy and will hold up to water, humidity and most solvents. 

Applying the MP 5404 FS Epoxy

The MP5404FS is a single component epoxy meaning it does not need to be mixed to activate and create a bond. Instead, this adhesive is applied and then must be heated in a convection or infrared oven to activate and cure. This product can cure in under 20 seconds when exposed to these heat sources.

Common Applications for the ASI MP 5404FS Epoxy

  • Permanent Magnet Motors and Loudspeaker Assembly
  • Air Conditioning Joint Tubes and Compressors
  • High Temperature Structural Bonding 
  • Filter End Cap and Side Seam Assembly

ASI MP 5404FS Epoxy Adhesive Specifications

  • Ratio: 1 Part
  • Specific Gravity: 1.41
  • Viscosity: Paste
  • Color: Gray
  • Heat Cure Cycle: @250°F - 15 Minutes @300°F - 10 Minutes @350°F - 2 Minutes
  • Tensile Strength: 6,770
  • Shear Strength PSI: 3,200
  • Hardness Shore D: 85
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 400°F

ASI MP 5404FS Data Sheets

ASI MP 5404FS Technical Data Sheet

ASI MP 5404FS Safety Data Sheet

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