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Wacker Silicones and Adhesives

Shop Wacker Silicone and Adhesives at

Shop Wacker Silicone and Adhesives at

Wacker Silicones ranks among the world’s largest producers of silicone and silane adhesives. Wacker offers a wide range of more than 3,000 silicone products and are the market leaders in key sub-segments. Silicones offer unlimited potential for intelligent and customized solutions in a number of sectors and even more applications. These applications include engineering, electronics, chemicals, cosmetics, paper and textiles, among others. Because silicone has such diverse properties, Wacker is able to offer a diverse portfolio, which includes silicone emulsions, fluids, sealants, elastomers, resins and even pyrogenic silicas.

Why Wacker Silicones

Wacker is the industry leader in silicone. With over 5,400 active patents (and 2,900 more pending) Wacker invests in creating cutting edge silicone products for applications that find their way into every industry and application in the world. Some of these industries include automotive, construction, electronics, energy, coatings and many more.

With unparalleled product depth and quality, Wacker silicone is the choice for silicone mold making, coating, potting and bonding. 


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