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All Glue Gun Accessories

We carry a great selection of glue gun accessories from an extensive variety of manufacturers.

The glue accessories we offer include:

Needles and Tips. If you are looking for better precision and more volume control when dispensing materials, using needle and-or tip dispenser components is definitely the way to go. These accessory items are great for making precise lines of adhesive and are one of the more affordable accessories.

Bulk Nozzles. There are several types of hot glue gun (bulk) nozzles available that cater to a wide variety of applications. Typically, hot melt adhesives produce a much more durable adhesive and nozzle components can be used to apply your materials to a range of applications from woodworking to assembly line packaging and even crafts and hobbies.

Spare Parts. We carry a large inventory of top-quality hot melt replacement equipment. You can protect your investment by extending the life of your system and ensuring your equipment continues to run at peak performance. Our professionals guarantee you will get the highest quality parts that meat the strictest safety standards every time.

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