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There are many types of industrial adhesives available on the market, but few can offer the advantages you will experience when using hot melt adhesives. On top of their affordability, hot melt adhesives are among the most versatile available, owing to their ability to resist water and moisture. This makes hot melt adhesives the ideal choice for your workplace application.

Epoxies. Epoxies can be used for a number of different applications. Once set, epoxies make strong, permanent bonds and they are great for filling in gaps or for potting. Typically, this type of hot melt adhesive is dispensed with a cartridge glue gun and a static mix nozzle.

MMA Adhesives. MMA (Methylmethacrylate) adhesives are an excellent choice when you need to bind substrate materials like metal, plastic, glass, wood and even magnets. They are also great for composite materials due to their durability and ability to resist surface contamination such as oil composites.

Polyamide Glue Sticks. Polyamides generally set stronger bonds than most traditional glue sticks, making it the ideal choice for porous substrates like wood. However, polyamide adhesives also work exceptionally well on other surfaces like glass, plastic and metal.

Cyanoacrylates (Super Glue). Cyanoacrylates epoxies can be used for a number of different applications. The key difference is in the fast-acting set time of super glue, which makes it an ideal adhesive for jobs that require strong, long-lasting bonds quickly. Super glue is used in a variety of industries – including the industrial and medical fields – and works well on wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, metal and many other materials.

Silicone Adhesives. Silicone adhesives are used in a wide variety of applications in more specified industries like electrical, automotive, construction and aerospace. This is mostly owing to their ability to withstand high temperatures, resist chemical contaminants (including water) and remain flexible after curing.

Ultraviolet Curable Adhesives. UV cure adhesives are used mainly when dealing with the production of glassware, including furniture and acrylic glass. It is also commonly used in the medical technology and optical industry fields. One brand in particular, Loctite, is among the most preferred UV adhesives among manufacturers because of their high transparency and stability in harsh environments like humidity and sunlight exposure.

There are several direct benefits that come with using static mix nozzles. To begin with, they eliminate the need for hand mixing and the possibility of introducing air into the mix. Nozzles also play an important role in maintaining the consistency of the mixture. Static mix nozzles are used with a variety of equipment, including cartridge and hand held dispensers and with meter mix dispensing equipment (MMD).

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