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Astro Packaging D2-15 Bulk Hot Melt 15lb Tank

Product Highlights

  • Astro Packaging
  • Bulk Hot Melt Tank
SKU: D2-15


The D2-15 Bulk Hot Melt Tank features a constant speed direct drive motor/pump combination and have an adjustable output control. The D-2-15 bulk tank is a extremely reliable hot melt unit and holds 15 pounds of hot melt. The D2-15 was designed with a cylindrical tank, which virtually eliminates any possibility of char build up. Also, the integrated melt fin design insures a consistent pump rate due to the flow through grid design. This 15 pound bulk hot melt tank is capable of 2 hoses and 2 applicators. Easy to operate temperature controls and the D2-15 bulk hot melt tank features alarm settings to ensure that all zones of the unit are running properly.     

**Also available in 240V**  


D2-15 Bulk Hot Melt Tank Features

  • Supports 1 or 2 hoses and guns
  • Auto dispense guns can be electric or pneumatic
  • Handguns can be bead or spray
  • 110/120V and 200/240V configurations fitted with gear pump
  • (2) 24VDC outputs supplied for easy spray conversion
  • Self diagnostic P.I.D. LCD display digital temperature controller with platinum sensor accuracy
  • Adjustable temperature and flow

D2-15 Bulk Hot Melt Tank Specifications

Height: 20.8 in. ( 52.8 cm )
Width: 11.4 in. ( 28.9 cm )
Length: 23.6 in (59.9 cm)

78 lb. ( 35.4 kg )

Tank Capacity
15 lb. ( 6.8 kg )

Power Requirements

Hose Capacity
Up to 2 Hoses and 2 applicators

D2-15 Bulk Hot Melt Tank Performance

Warm Up Time
30-45 minutes

Melt Rate
19 lb/hr (6.8 kg/hr)

Maximum 35,000 centipoise

Temperature Control Microprocessor
RTD zone Digital microprocessor
150-450 DEG. F (66-235 C)

Recommended Operating Pressure
0-600 psi (0-50 bar)

Maximum Pump Flow Rate
V-675: 100-110 lb/hr (45-50 kg/hr)

Air control Kit

86 rpm pump motor