Astro Packaging KB30 Bulk Hot Melt System


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About the Astro Packaging KB30 Bulk Hot Melt Tank

The Astro Packaging KB30 hot melt tank is one of our top selling bulk melters. The KB30 hot melt tanks is the more cost effective version of the AP30. The KB30 hot melt tank is capable of utilizing 4 hose and 4 guns. The KB30 30 pound capacity hot melt tank takes about 30-45 minutes to warm up and has a 40 pound melt rate.         

KB30 Hot Melt System Includes:

  • KB30 30 Pound Hot Melt Tank
  • 8' Hose
  • DG2 Handgun
  • Swirl Spray Conversion Kit, TC500 Unit
**Please note that we can create a custom system for your needs.  Give us a call at (855)437-7700 or contact us with additional questions or for a quote!

KB30 Hot Melt Tank Performance

  • 30 lb tank capacity
  • 40 lb melt rate *melt rates vary with adhesive type & operating voltage
  • Operates on 200 and 240 volt single or three phase
  • Positive displacement gear pump
  • Energy saving reduced heater duty cycle time
  • Faster up-to system ready temp
  • Optional pump pressure gauge
  • Optional seven day scheduler

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