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Sulzer Mixpac MBH (MB) Series Static Mixer Nozzles

Product Highlights

  • Sulzer Mixpac
By Cartridge Size:
  • 25mL
  • 50mL
By Connection Type:
  • Twist and Lock
By Mixing Ratio:
  • 1:1 & 2:1
By Sulzer System:
  • B System Industrial
SKU: SULZER 116467 or MBH 05-16T
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Sulzer Mixpac MBH (MB) Series Static Mixer Nozzles

About the Sulzer Mixpac MBH Series Static Mix Nozzles

The Sulzer Mixpac MBH Series (formerly MB Series) mixers can be used with the Sulzer B system components and connect with a twist and lock system. The MBH mixer is for 1:1 and 2:1 adhesive dispensing.

The MBH static mixer is different from other mixers in that it uses a divided outlets at the point of the cartridge and mixer keeping materials from plugging and contaminating before they are supposed to be mixed. 

Sulzer MBH Nozzle Configurations

  • Sulzer MBH 03-12D
  • Sulzer MBH 03-12S
  • Sulzer MBH 03-16D
  • Sulzer MBH 03-16L
  • Sulzer MBH 03-16S
  • Sulzer MBH 04-12D
  • Sulzer MBH 04-16D
  • Sulzer MBH 04-16S
  • Sulzer MBH 05-06T
  • Sulzer MBH 05-12D
  • Sulzer MBH 05-14D
  • Sulzer MBH 05-16T
  • Sulzer MBH 05-20T
  • Sulzer MBH 06-11D
  • Sulzer MBH 06-16T
  • Sulzer MBH 06-20T
  • Sulzer MBH 07-11D offers a low price guarantee on the MB Series Mixers, contact us with questions or for volume discounts.

Note: See the Sulzer Mixpac MBHX Series for 4:1 and 10:1 B System dispensing.

Specifications »

Sulzer Mixpac MBH Static Mixer Specifications

Elements: Acetalcopolymere

Housing: Polypropylene (PP) 

Sulzer MixPac MBH Specifications & Part Numbers

Mixer helix, 1:1/2:1, dust grey, white elements, tapered, straight, stepped and luer lock tip options.

Part numberArticle/NumberElementsØ(mm)L(mm)Vol. (ml)
116457MBH 03-12D123.2580.49
116458MBH 03-12S123.263.50.49
116459MBH 03-16D163.270.70.63
116460MBH 03-16L163.275.80.63
116461MBH 03-16S163.276.50.59
116462MBH 04-12D124.269.50.84
116463MBH 04-16D164.286.21.04
116464MBH 04-16S164.2961.04
116575MBH 05-06T65.459.30.94
116465MBH 05-12D125.482.51.52
116466MBH 05-14D145.4111.81.91
116467MBH 05-16T165.4111.81.91
116468MBH 05-20T205.4132.82.29
116469MBH 06-11D116.588.52.28
116470MBH 06-16T166.51313.14
116471MBH 06-20T206.51573.76
116472MBH 07-11D117.591.53.05