Surebonder 802 Glue Skillet 7 Inch
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Surebonder 802 Glue Skillet

Surebonder 802 Glue Skillet 7 Inch

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Glue Skillet: 7 Inch

SKU: 805


Surebonder 802 is a large glue skillet is 7 inches in diameter.  Surebonder's 802 glue skillet is can be used instead of a glue gun, simply dip your substrate into the melted adhesive.  The 802 glue skillet from Surebonder is perfect for professional floral or craft projects where a large amount of hot melt is needed. The 802 glue skillet has a temperature control knob, which allows you precise temperature control. We recommend using this glue skillet with Surebonder Diamond Cubes.


Temperature: 380°F
Watts Volts: 40 Watts
UPC #: 018239329830

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