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Wacker Elastosil E 951 Silicone

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  • Wacker
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  • RTV 1 Silicone

Elastosil E 951 Silicone Overview

Wacker Elastosil E 951 is a one part silicone (RTV1) that offers excellent bond strength especially with silicone rubber substrates. The E 951 silicone also offers very strong bonds to metal, glass and other non-porous substrates and often does not require a primer. 

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  • One component RTV 1 Silicone - does not require mixing.
  • High strength to many substrates
  • Cures at room temperature


Wacker Elastosil E 951 silicone can be used in a huge range of applications from product assembly, manufacturing, repair and more. 

Compare to:

  • Momentive RTV 118

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Wacker Elastosil E 951 Silicone

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Wacker Elastosil E 951 Silicone