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Surebonder Hot Melt Roll Coater

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  • Surebonder

Ships from Minneapolis, MN, USA


This hot melt adhesive roll applicator is designed to apply a wide coat of adhesives. The Surebonder 853 roll coater is commonly used for packaging and product assembly applications.  

Roll Coater Specifications:

  • Variable roller speed (0-30 feet per minute)
  • Programmable temperature control (up to 425°F)
  • Digital temperature readout of set point and process temperature
  • Adjustable brass doctor blade controls adhesives application

Give a call if you need a customized roll coater 855-437-7700.  We are able to work with you to get the correct machine and width.

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Surebonder Hot Melt Roll Coater

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Surebonder Hot Melt Roll Coater