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Hot Glue Gun Spare Parts

Shop Spare Parts for Your Hot Glue Gun

Let's face it, sometimes a hot glue gun has outlived its usefulness and it's time to look for a replacement. Other times, replacing a small part or doing a quick repair can save you hundreds over purchasing a new unit. carries spare parts for every hot glue gun we sell and have hands on experience on how to troubleshoot and fix your hot glue gun. We can give you the information you need to make the best decision on whether it makes sense to repair or replace your damaged or broken glue gun. 

Questions? Contact one of our adhesive dispensing experts to discuss your glue gun repair needs. If you want to be completely hands-off, visit our Glue Gun Repair page and start the return and repair process with one of our glue gun technicians. 

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Common Questions and Answers about Hot Glue Guns Spare Parts

When should I look at repairing my hot glue gun vs purchasing a new one?

This is a very common question we get about hot glue guns. Repairing hot glue guns can offer excellent cost savings but typically not on tools under $300. Most manufacturers don't offer spare parts on their entry and mid level glue guns making them more difficult or even impossible to repair. Guns the the TEC Bond 3400, 6100, 6300 and the 3M Polygun EC and PG II are good examples of higher end glue guns that can be much less expensive to repair than replace. also offers a repair service for almost every industrial glue gun we sell.

How hard is it to repair my hot glue gun?

Kind of a loaded question but a common one. If you are very familiar with your glue gun and are a hands-on person, many glue gun repairs can be done in-house. There usually aren't a lot of components to a glue gun (unless you get into the larger spray or pneumatic units) but if a spare part and repair is needed, be sure you are comfortable taking the gun apart and putting it back together. Also, many times a repair isn't done by a Certified Repair Technician, the manufacturer will not warranty the spare part or gun, so keep that in mind before taking your unit apart. 

Do all glue gun manufacturers provide spare parts for their tools?

No, not all hot glue gun manufacturers provide spare parts. has an extensive line of hot glue guns and access to all of the spare parts available for our lines. However, many times manufacturers won't provide spare parts because it isn't cost effective or the demand simply isn't high enough.

What is the most common spare part replaced on most hot glue guns?

The most common spare part we see replaced on hot glue guns is the nozzle. Often times, if the nozzle goes bad (thread gets worn, O-ring breaks, etc) you will see the glue gun leak or drip excessively. The good news is this is usually a pretty cost effective repair and most of the time these parts are available. Check out our article on How to Replace a Hot Glue Gun Nozzle for more information.