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Jensen Global NT Series High Precision Needles
Jensen Global TT Series Taper Tip Needles
Jensen Global IT Series Bend Specialty Needles 18 Pink
Jensen Global T Series PTFE Flexible Needles

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FAQs About Adhesive Needles & Tips

Adhesive dispensing tips are small plastic or metal nozzles used to control the flow of adhesives (e.g., glue, sealants, etc.) from a container to a surface. They help apply the adhesive precisely, reducing waste and allowing for more efficient use of the product. Adhesive nozzles and tips come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different adhesive types and application needs.

Dispensing needles with blunt tips are used for more viscous adhesives that cannot be dispensed with a standard needle tip. The blunt tip allows the material to flow out of the needle without getting clogged or damaged and helps to prevent puncturing delicate surfaces. They are common in industrial, medical, and electronic assembly applications.

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