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Common Questions about Glue Dots® and Adhesive Glue Spots

Tack simply refers to the strength of the bond. There are 4 common tack options - low, medium, high and super high. Below is a quick note on each of the tack options.

Low Tack: substrates bonded will be very easily removable. Good for lightweight substrates like paper.

Medium Tack: substrates will be removable but with a little more effort. Good for creating temporary bonds to heavier items and substrates.

High Tack Glue Spots: this will create a semi-permanent bond. You will be able to remove but with a little more effort.

Super High Tack Glue Spots: this will create a permanent bond. Yes, you will be able to remove, but it will take quite a bit of effort and potentially damage your substrates. 

Profile simply refers to the height of the Glue Dot® or Adhesive glue spot. Common profile heights and information are listed below.

Low Profile (15mil or 1/64" High): this is the lowest profile glue spot. It is the most affordable option and works on most applications that are bonding flat surfaces (think paper to paper).

Medium Profile (55mil or 1/16" High): this is the middle height for adhesive glue spots. Use this profile height when bonding substrates that aren't totally flat or to cover a little more surface area (think foam to paper).

High Profile (100mil or 3/32" High): this is the highest profile Glue Dot® and adhesive spot available. Use these when bonding very dissimilar substrates (wood to wood, foam to foam, etc). 

Glue Dots® and Infinity Adhesive Glue Spots are identical in bond strength, profile height and layout on the roll. This means they can be interchanged seamlessly in any application. The biggest difference between Glue Dots® and Infinity Glue Spots is that the Infinity Glue Spots offer a significant cost savings. 

Both Glue Dots® and Infinity Bond Adhesive Glue Spots come in an easy to dispense cardboard box that can be used to apply the adhesive by hand. All of the products offered on can also be used in semi-automated or fully automated dispensing applications as well.

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