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Removable Glue Spots - 1/2" Low Tack with Low Profile

Product Highlights

  • Infinity Bond
  • 1/2" Diameter
  • Low Profile
  • Low Tack (Removable)
SKU: INFINITY XD11-404 (Single Roll)
$65.00 On Sale
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Ships from Minneapolis, MN, USA


About the Glue Dots® XD11-404 Equivalent from Infinity Bond

The Infinity Bond GD XD11-404 Glue Spots are an exact equivalent to the Glue Dots® product including the layout on the roll. The Infinity Bond GD XD11-404 is a low tack, easily removable, fugitive adhesive with a low profile. This is a 1/2" diameter circle and a water clear formulation.The Infinity Bond Glue Spots come on a roll of 4,000 dots in an easy to dispense cardboard release box.

Infinity Glue Spot XD11-404 Features

  • Low Tack (Removable)
  • 1/2" Diameter Round
  • Low Profile (Height 15mil or 1/64")
  • Clear Color
  • Easy Dispensing Box

Compare These Infinity Adhesive Glue Spots to:

  • Glue Dots® XD11-404
  • Uline S-6647

Why Infinity Bond Adhesive Glue Spots Over Glue Dots®

The Infinity Bond Adhesive spots are an excellent alternative to standard Glue Dots®. They offer the same quality and dispensing method at a fraction of the cost. Infinity Bond Adhesive Spots are manufactured in the USA and made of the highest quality adhesives available on the market today.

Glue Dots® is a registered trade mark and only being used for comparative purposes. 

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Removable Glue Spots - 1/2" Low Tack with Low Profile

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Removable Glue Spots - 1/2" Low Tack with Low Profile