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Hot Glue Guns & Dispensing Equipment

Shop Hot Glue Guns, Cartridges Glue Guns and Specialty Glue Guns is the leading supplier of adhesive glue guns and dispensing equipment. We have worked with thousands of customers across hundreds of industries to implement glue gun solutions for every type of application need. 

Whether you are dispensing hot melt glue sticks, two part adhesives or single component adhesives, has a solution for your needs and budget. We carry the top glue gun manufacturers like 3M, Sulzer Mixpac, Nordson EFD, Cox, Surebonder, Ad Tech, Power Adhesives and more. We also have a team of experienced dispensing experts with years of hands-on experience ready to help you choose the perfect glue gun dispensing solution.

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Common Questions About Glue Guns

Which type of glue gun do I need?

We always like to start with the adhesive and work backwards. If you know which type of adhesive you need, we can then recommend the best type of glue gun for dispensing. You can also use our unique hot glue gun or cartridge glue gun finders to help narrow down the perfect product for your application

What is the best glue gun for my application?

Each application is different and many require unique products to optimize efficiency. We have laid out some glue guns by brand as well as allowed users to filter by brand when searching each of the glue gun categories. 

Is there a big difference between the different glue gun brands?

Each brand can definitely have its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to glue guns. Some brands are very innovative while others represent tried and true products that have been popular for years. Feel free to contact on of our adhesive engineers for any questions on which brand is best for you or with questions about what makes each brand different. 

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