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Slated to be discontinued are Titebond's HiPURformer PUR adhesive products (models WW30, WW60, MP75) as well as Titebond's HiPURformer applicator. If this is your adhesive tool of choice, however, there is no need for panic. Gluegun.com is now carrying Titebond HiPURformer replacement cartridges. HiPURformer fans can still purchase HiPURformer replacement cartridges while supplies last. When those are gone, customers will be able to continue with the upcoming new product designed to be an equivalent replacement. Infinity Bond will be filling the void created by the discontinued replacement cartridges with an exact equivalent which will soon be released and initially only available through Gluegun.com.

Gluegun.com has poised itself to be the leading source of all the supply needs for HiPURformer users. Always on the cutting edge of premium adhesive products and the latest news in the industry, as soon as the company became aware of Titebond's decision to discontinue their HiPURformer products, Gluegun.com performed a large volume purchase of their remaining HiPURformer inventory. Committed to providing for the needs of their customers, Gluegun.com wanted to be certain of their ability to continue to meet the supply demands of HiPURformer users until the release of an equivalent replacement product.

In anticipation of the future needs of consumers to continue with their use of HiPURformer glue guns, Gluegun.com then turned its attention to an equivalent product replacement that would be an exact suitable replacement cartridge. Scheduled to be released this Fall, Gluegun.com will be the first and only source making them available for sale to the public.

The HiPURformer Advantage

Despite Titebond's decision to discontinue production of this hot melt glue gun series, there will still be HiPURformer users that will continue to faithfully use the system. Considering the advantages HiPURformer offers, it is easy to understand why loyalty runs high:

  • Specifically designed for interior and exterior woodworking
  • Polyurethane adhesive quick-sets in less than 60 seconds
  • Heats quickly
  • Cordless feature offers project flexibility
  • Waterproof formula


In stock now, this 50 gram replacement cartridge of polyurethane adhesive dispenses at 250 degrees F. Within 30 seconds a waterproof and opaque permanent bond is created. Suitable for indoor or exterior projects, woodwork can appear seamless without any fastener visible. The superior strength of this product eliminates the need for nails or staples. Perfect for use with cabinetry, chair rails or any wood or composite trim.

Now available, users of Titebond's HiPURformer gluegun system can enjoy the superior performance of a top quality hot melt polyurethane bond that sets quickly and provides extraordinary strength. Time and money is saved by eliminating the need for any other fastener in wood and composite material projects. Within 60 seconds of application, interior and exterior projects, such as cabinetry and furniture construction, are set and ready for use.

In stock and ready to ship now is a polyurethane adhesive perfect for use on multiple surfaces: ceramics, melamine, metals and common substrates. No need for metal fasteners with this high-strength adhesive that sets in only 75 seconds. The solvent free formula makes this the perfect solution for interior applications such as cabinetry and trim. Creating a waterproof bond adds the versatility of outdoor performance in projects like birdhouse construction and repair of patio furniture and garden features.

Now available and designed for use with replacement cartridges WW30, WW60 and MP75, craftsmen continue to rave about the distinct advantages of the superior design of the HiPURformer PUR hot melt adhesive dispensing system. The detachable cord makes it possible to perform virtually anywhere. In addition to an incredibly strong bond in less than one minute, over time the bond continues to strengthen. Waterproof and superior strength continue to make this glue gun system a favorite with professional craftsmen and hobbyists.

Your HiPURformer Connection

If Titebond's HiPURformer glue gun system is your adhesion tool of choice, remain connected with a sure supply stream. Woodworkers and craftsmen can rely on Gluegun.com to have in stock exactly what they need to continue to stay on schedule and complete projects on time. With original HiPURformer replacement cartridges in stock now, get yours while supplies last.

Even when the last original HiPURformer replacement cartridge is sold, there is no need to be disappointed and shop for a new hot melt glue gun. With exact replacements soon to be available and a well-stocked inventory of original products, users of Titebond's HiPURformer hot melt glue gun system will never be left without the bonding products they need.

As exact equivalents, there is no need for concern of replacement cartridges of inferior design. The new design of replacement cartridges will work seamlessly with the Titebond HiPURformer PUR glue gun. Loyal fans of this system need not worry about having to replace their favorite hot melt tool. There will be no transitional bumps in the road. Customers should notice no difference at all in performance.

Shop with Gluegun.com and experience no interruption in your supply chain for every need of your Titebond HiPURformer PUR hot melt system. Stick with the glue nerds of the adhesive industry. We have got your back, looking ahead to what is happening in the glue and bond business. Planning for the needs of customers with a hot melt system scheduled to be discontinued is just one more example of how Gluegun.com is always striving to outperform competitors and put the needs of our customers first.

Trust the glue and adhesive specialists who are committed to:

  • Serving your adhesive needs.
  • Saving you time, money & headaches.
  • Solving your hot melt glue gun problems.

With an experienced team of professionals hot on the hot melt trail of whatever is the latest trend or technology, we are here to make sure our customers get the best products the hot melt market has to offer.

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