Power Adhesives TEC 3400 glue gun review

Introduction to the Power Adhesives TEC 3400 Industrial Glue Gun

The Power TEC 3400 Industrial glue gun offers an unprecedented level of precision, temperature control and bonding performance. Industry users will appreciate the TEC 3400’s patented Ecotec® intelligent technology and lower energy consumption, which combine to provide flexibility and cost savings. Below is a TEC 3400 glue gun review that provides a summary of the key benefits offered by the Power TEC 3400 and the advantages that the Power TEC 3400 has over its predecessors, including the Power TEC 3200. 

The Evolution of the Power TEC 3400  

The Power TEC 3400 was introduced to provide users with faster, more precise technology. It was introduced to replace its predecessor, the Power TEC 3200. The TEC 3200 was considered by many to be an industry workhorse, and it was extremely popular with customers due to its simplicity, safety and efficiency. However, a growing focus on preserving the environment coupled with the ever-growing industry demands for increased efficiency led to the development of the TEC 3400. The TEC 3400 features a rugged, user-friendly design that is similar to the TEC 3200 with the following new features that were not present in the 3200 model:  

  • A digital controller that increases response times
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • A trigger boost mechanism to achieve optimal temperature
  • Self-diagnostics to promote safety
  • Availability in 120V and 230V models

As discussed below, each of these key advantages sets the TEC 3400 apart from the TEC 3200 and its other predecessors.  

TEC 3400 glue gun features

The Advantages of Digital Temperature Controllers over Analogue Controllers  

The TEC 3400 features a digital temperature microcontroller that sets it apart from most other industrial glue guns that utilize older analogue controllers. Together with its sophisticated Ecotec ® patented technology, the digital controller of the TEC 3400 offers the following advantages: 

  • More efficient maintenance of tool temperature
  • A faster response to demands
  • Decreased effort required by users
  • Increased longevity of tool life
  • Reduced need for tool maintenance
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Ability for operators to work more efficiently and for longer time periods

Clearly, the inclusion of a digital controller is a design element of the TEC 3400 that contributes to increased production among operators.  

How the Power TEC 3400 Reduces Energy Consumption  

Perhaps the most sophisticated design aspect of the TEC 3400 is its ability to conserve power and curb energy costs for your company. The TEC 3400 achieves these costs savings through the microcontroller’s ability to detect periods of inactivity or non-use. Upon detection of sustained periods of non-use, the TEC 3400 gradually reduces the tool temperature. After two hours of gradual temperature reduction, the tool switches off. Operators are able to easily reset the tool by a simple pull of the trigger, resulting in a prompt recovery of the set temperature. In this way, the TEC 3400 promotes safety as it reduces energy consumption.  

The Role of Trigger Boost in the TEC 3400’s Ability to Respond to Demands 

Another major advancement of the TEC 3400 is the inclusion of a trigger boost mechanism into the tool design. Trigger boost technology enables the TEC 3400 to respond to increased demands of operators by sensing rapid trigger-pulling by operators. Trigger boost provides a sharp increase in power to operators when the tool detects instances of frequent trigger-pulling. In this way, trigger boost takes the TEC 3400 to the next level of sophistication while helping to ensure that adhesives are applied at the proper temperature.  

Promoting Safety with Self-Diagnostics with the Power TEC 3400  

A key advantage of the TEC 3400 is its ability to perform self-testing to detect fault conditions. If a defect or fault is sensed by the TEC 3400, a rapidly flashing visible alarm will display to alert the operator that a problem is present. After the indicator flashes, the tool will cease operation to prevent any further damage from occurring. This feature is effective in helping to maintain employee safety in the workplace, which has become a key area of focus for the FDA and quality control organizations. 

The Advantages of Dual Voltage Technology

The Power TEC 3200 and many other U.S.-made industrial glue guns are designed for operation in 110-120 volt environments. The TEC 3400 may be used in either 120 volt or 230 volt environments. This dual voltage capability enables operators with 230 volt power requirements overseas to enjoy the benefits of the TEC 3400. Additionally, some facilities in the U.S. utilize 230 volt technology, thereby increasing the flexibility of the TEC 3400 even further.  

Combining Increased Sophistication with Rugged Dependability  

While the TEC 3400 certainly represents a giant leap in sophistication in the glue gun industry, the TEC 3400 maintains some key elements that made the TEC 3200 a popular choice. Key similarities between the two devices are outlined below: 

  • Product weight:  The TEC 3400 maintained the TEC 3200 weight of 2.5 pounds
  • Power cable:  Like the TEC 3200, the TEC 3400 has a 10 foot power cable
  • Heater:  Both models feature a 400 watt cartridge
  • Melt rate:  Approximately 8 hours with both models

By maintaining some of the key features of the TEC 3200, operators of the TEC 3400 will be able to adapt fairly easily to the newer model.  

Selecting the Best Glue Gun for Your Business 

With the wide variety of industrial glue guns available for purchase, it is important to choose the glue gun with features that will best serve your needs. The Power TEC 3400 possesses the latest in efficiency and sophistication, while helping you conserve costs and power by reducing energy consumption. Please contact us if you would like to learn how your business can benefit from the TEC 3400. One of our industry experts would be delighted to talk to you about how the Power TEC 3400 can help you optimize performance at your company.

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