Best Packaging Glue Gun

Power Adhesives TEC 3200 glue gun goes home with the blue ribbon on this one.  The Tec 3200 is built for industrial environments and great for packaging applications. One of our brewery customers was starting to develop a graveyard of hot melt guns, until we switched them over to the TEC 3200. offers a wide array packaging hot melt slugs perfect for numerous packaging substrates.


What makes the TEC 3200 awesome? 

One of the biggest advantages to this industrial glue gun is it's standby feature.

  • One of the common issues to packaging glue gun going bad is the fact they will be left on and idle for extended periods of time.  A glue gun left in idle repetitively can cause back melting and ruin your glue gun.  

It's offers a high output. This all electric glue gun melts an astounding 8 pounds per hour.

  • Power Adhesives' TEC 3200 pumps out hot melt, this makes it easier and faster to seal packages in comparison to 1/2" & 5/8" glue guns.

    What else makes the TEC 3200 glue gun great?

    • Temperature modules easily adjust the temperature using in plugin modules.
    • Built in nozzle wrench in it's removable stand
    • Tool positioner hanging point
    • It's all electric, making it easy to plug in and go.
    • Additional available nozzles -- Check out the T nozzle or L nozzle for your packaging application

    Honorable Mention:

    Ad Tech MT 500 glue gun is a 5/8" glue gun that packs a punch. The MT 500 offers a tough exterior that allows it to endure a tough environment and has a powerful 500 watt heater, with an output of 6.2 pounds per hour.  

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