PAM Fastening HB 710 Extrusion Glue Gun Review

Buehnen HB 710 Glue Gun Overview

Buehnen engineered a great glue gun when they came up with the HB 710 Extrusion. This glue gun is only pneumatic extrusion bulk hot melt glue gun with it's own melt tank that we carry.

Why is this unique? Well it's simple, the HB 710's melt tank built into the glue gun. The 6.8 oz melt tank on the HB 710 is capable of using pillows, chips, granules and even glue slugs. Not only is the HB 710 easy to operate, but it also has a digital temperature controller allowing you to adjust it from 104°F-410°F. Glue Machinery offers a similar style glue gun that is all electric called the Champ 3.


  • 6.8 oz Melt Tank
  • Pneumatic
  • 600 Watt
  • Digital Temperature Displays & Controls


  • Pricey
  • Melt rate varies based off adhesive shapes Bottom Line

This is a top notch glue gun. The HB 710 is the whole package quality, user friendly and best of all versatile. The HB 710 extrusion glue gun has constantly been a go to for high demand assembly and packaging applications.

PAM HB 710 Extrusion Glue Gun Specifications

  • Watts: 600 Watts
  • Operating Temperature: 104°F-410°F
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Melt Tank: 6.8 oz.
  • Melt Rate: 2.9 lbs/hr to 7 lbs/hr
  • Integrated Digital Temperature Display & Controls
  • Hot Melt: Pellets, Chips, Pillows and Slugs
  • Pneumatically Assisted

Old Part# PA-00-H206600


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