Power Adhesives TEC 3400 glue gun launch

If you were a fan of the TEC 3200 and feeling a little “stuck” (see what we just did there) trying to choose a replacement, try the TEC 3400 Glue Gun. The 3400 has all the features you love about the 3200, with a few enhancements that will make you glad it’s time for an upgrade. And that the 3200 has been discontinued.

The TEC 3400’s digital temperature microcontroller was made for industrial projects that require precision and detailing. The smaller, lightweight Ecotec® gun will give you full control over your work, with a versatile range of plug in modules for Hotmelt and Lowmelt settings spanning from 130 °C – 215 °C. Use the gun’s precise, trigger activation to control the flow of adhesive for perfect application at any temperature.

Never mind your smartphone: this smart-gun’s self-monitoring technology constantly regulates its temperature so your adhesive is the exact temperature you need, when you need it. When you’re using the gun frequently during a session, the trigger sensor will cause the gun to heat more adhesive in preparation for use. On the flip side, when you aren’t using the gun, it’ll slowly lower the temperature of the adhesive to add greater precision to the output and conserve energy over long periods of use for a more economical, eco-friendly option. As an added safety measure, the gun will also turn off after two hours of inactivity.

Still hot for the 3200? The 3400 will practically do your work for you: its self-diagnostics system monitors the gun and adhesive to detect faulty or dangerous conditions. If an issue is detected, the gun will flash and shut down if necessary. The gun will simply refuse to heat back up until the issue is resolved to prevent further damage, giving you an added edge to your work.

The TEC 3400 is a more efficient way to do detailed adhesive work combining best-in-class expectations with innovative, green solutions.

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