Power Adhesives TEC 3400 vs old TEC 3200

The cost and speed of shipping contribute directly to the success of every business. Packing materials must ensure goods arrive safely and unharmed, regardless of the bashing they may suffer while en route. At Gluegun.com, we are always looking for ways to help our customers succeed, so providing reliable, secure adhesives that withstand shipping challenges is our goal. That’s why we are excited to offer the newly released Tec 3400 Glue Gun, which offers four years of advanced research and development over the TEC 3200.

Like the Tec 3200, the Tec 3400 comes with easy-to-use plug-in modules that provide temperature control specific to the adhesive in use. The Tec 3400 digital control panel, however, gives much greater temperature precision over the previous analog control panel. The new control panel also senses spikes in power supply that sometimes affect packaging plants and minimizes the impact on the gun and therefore, production.

On the 3200, adhesive flow speed was controlled by trigger pressure, so output was maximized when the trigger was fully depressed.  The 3400 has a Trigger Boost sensor that detects frequency of pulls and increases temperature to respond to increased demand. The resulting increase in adhesive flow is better matched to the increase in adhesive required, making the job go faster. Improved trigger design also reduces wear on the mechanism, making it much less likely to fail prematurely.

The 3400 also has improved safety features. The addition of a cool-off/shut-down process means the gun will cool when not in use for up to two hours, and shut itself off after that. The 3200 had a similar process but the rate of cool-down was controlled by the ambient temperature, not a dedicated timing process. This feature in the 3400 means the gun will no longer have the potential of sitting idle but on for long, unattended periods of time.

Added self diagnostics make the 3400 even easier to maintain. Included in the microcontroller, the diagnostic sensors detect various fault or fail conditions and alert users to the problem. It then shuts down until repairs can be made, preventing added damage and possible injury. The 3200 did not have internal diagnostic capability.

Finally, previous internal thermal fuses were not consistent regarding temperature settings, sometimes with deviation factors as much as 20-40%. The wide deviation factor frequently caused premature failure of the gun. The improved 3400 thermal fuse technology offers (we believe) the best in the industry with a +/-5° deviation, thus stabilizing function and reducing the possibility of premature failure of the heating source.

Finally, a larger stand allows more comfortable convenience for users.

We believe every business that ships goods will benefit from the enhanced safety and productivity features of the remarkable TEC 3400 glue gun tool. Call us for more information.

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