Glue Machinery Champ 600 vs TEC 4500B Glue Guns

There aren’t many affordable, hand-held bulk glue guns. If you’re stuck trying to choose between the Power Adhesive TEC 4500B and the Glue Machinery Champ 600, we can help. Both models are lightweight guns with bulk chambers for additional cost savings on adhesive. The Champ and TEC are especially great if you do a lot of product assembly or packaging. While you can’t go wrong with either gun, both boast unique characteristics that set them apart from each other.


The Champ 600 offers exceptional bang for your buck, but lacks some features of higher end models. The simple, straightforward design, lightweight frame, and convenient magnetic stand make the gun perfect for the no-frills power user. This plug and go glue gun doesn’t require an air compressor and is one of the most affordable models on the market without compromising quality. The Champ 600 only melts up to two-pounds per hour and is fairly easy to fill thanks to the locking, eight-ounce tank. Don’t get strung out thinking about stringy trails or dripping either. The Champ comes with several interchangeable nozzles, including a check valve nozzle to eliminate excess adhesive. Starting at $865.00, this gun balances all the essential features you need at a price you can’t beat. Because the Champ doesn’t use air compression, this model is less expensive than many competitors, but compromises speed and air assistance.


The TEC 4500B heats things up a notch. This gun has a duel melt chamber that takes 1-¾ glue slugs or bulk adhesive. Thanks to its pneumatic design, the 4500B clocks in at five and a half-pounds of output per hour when using bulk chips or pellets, making it faster and more nimble than the Champ. The TEC models offer either bead (4500B) or spray (4500S) output modes, and a one-handed twist and lock chamber for refills on the fly. This user-friendly, ergonomic model starts at $1081.00 and is one of the most easy to use and highly responsive hand-held, bulk guns available. Although the Champ is less expensive, you’ll make up the difference in cost thanks to the TEC’s robust tank size, convenient usability, and sleek, well-balanced design.

Both guns are competitive options in the limited bulk market that will save you money on adhesive and impress you from the minute they heat up. However, if you can spare the extra dough we recommend upgrading to the TEC 4500 and taking advantage of its faster melt rate and air assisted dispensing.

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