Sulzer DP 400-85 Cartridge Gun Review

Sulzer DP 400-85 Cartridge Gun Review

This two component pneumatic cartridge gun is the whole kit and kaboodle. Easily adjust the dispense volume by turning the black knob located right near the hose connection. The DP 400-85 pneumatic cartridge gun is easy to load simply push the cartridge down until you here it click. To release the cartridge press the red button located by the back of the handle, until the fee plungers have retracted back. Then press the black cartridge release button located on the underside of the cartridge camber, pull the cartridge out.


  • Pneumatically powered
  • Leak free interface
  • Works with high viscosity compounds
  • Precise adhesive or sealant dispensing


  • When using it for extended periods this cartridge gun can get a bit heavy Bottom Line

This a a great 400mL pneumatic cartridge gun. Since it's one of our top sellers we have it in stock and ready to ship out. If you aren't sure the DP 400-85 is right for your application give us a call with any questions 855-437-7700.

DP 400-85 Specs

DP 400-85 Cartridge Gun Specifications

Operating pressure: max 6 bar (max 87 psi)
Compressed air supply: max 8 bar (max 120 psi)
Pressure adjustment: Infinity variable
Sound level: 83 dBA
Weight: 2.2kg

DP400-85 Video Review

DP 400-85 Accessories

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