Ad Tech PRO 200 Glue Gun Review

Well, it's not something we commonly say, but Ad Tech's PRO 200 is our favorite 1/2" glue gun. We know what you are thinking, Why? It's simple really, the PRO 200 is the most basic, durable, 1/2" glue gun we have. It's not unheard of for this guns to last years and years. The PRO 200 glue gun is a complete package and works with all standard 1/2" glue sticks. We recommend this glue gun for just about any application whether it's crafts, woodworking, taxidermy, product assembly, packaging, etc. 


  • Power on light
  • 4 finger trigger
  • 3 minute warm up time
  • Interchangeable nozzles
  • Dual stands
  • Price
  • Limited output
  • No On/Off Switch (must unplug) Bottom Line

       The PRO 200 glue gun isn't prefect for every application, but for it's features and price tag it's a winner. If you are unsure of whether the PRO 200 is right for you applications contact us. Certain applications demand a higher output or wattage. 

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      PRO 200 Glue Gun Specifications

      • Stick Size: 1/2" Glue Sticks
      • Watts: 200 Watts
      • Output: 3.5 lbs/hr
      • Operating Temperature: 410 °F
      • PTC Heating System
      • Comfortable Palm Trigger Design
      • Interchangeable Nozzles


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      PRO 200 Glue Gun Nozzles

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