PAM Fastening HB 710 Spray Glue Gun Review

Buehnen brings their innovative German glue gun to the states through their United States branch, PAM Fastening. This glue gun is sheer awesomeness, but not without a hefty price tag. We tested the HB 710 and found that it does offer unique performance in the way of bulk dispensing and works great for EVA, Polyolefin and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. 


  • Easily adjust the temperature on the digital display
  • Pneumatic air powered glue gun
  • Takes bulk hot melt
  • Unchanging spray pattern
  • After inactivity for 30 minutes the gun will drop approxiamately 100 °F


  • It seems a bit pricey but is unique to the industry
  • Workbench mount sold separately Bottom Line

Since we are all about being honest, it's safe to say that is one of the most innovative glue guns that we sell. The closest competitor to the HB 710 spray glue gun would be Power Adhesives TEC 6300 or 7300. However, this spray gun allows customers to use bulk hot melt which can offer huge savings on your glue costs over time.


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HB 710 Spray Glue Gun Specifications

  • Stick Size: Bulk Hot Melt
  • Watts: 600 Watts
  • Output: 2.9 – 7 lb/hr
  • Operating Temperature: 104 °F – 400 °F
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs.
  • Digital LED-Display
  • Sleep mode 

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