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More durable than your average craft store hot glue gun, an industrial glue gun will last you through all your at-home or on-the-job needs. Typically, an industrial glue gun is used for high output jobs like automotive, graphic arts, woodwork, packaging, construction, and much more. Let’s go over the best tips, tricks, and advice to maintain your industrial glue gun so it will last you through every project.

During and After-Use Care

After use, always make sure to unplug your glue gun. When it is time for the next project, make sure, before connecting to any power source, to always insert the glue stick when the applicator is cold. To prevent damage from occurring, never remove part of a melted glue stick via the back of the gun. This will damage your gun.

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Most industrial glue guns come with a stand, so please remember to use it. If you lay your glue gun on its side, it could cause damage to both the glue gun and, potentially, your workstation.

Know Your Gun

Depending on the projects you intend to complete using an industrial glue gun, you may need either a hot melt or a low melt gun. In some cases, guns have adjustable temperatures. Normally, a low melt gun is fixed at 266 degrees and a hot melt gun at 383 degrees.

Low melt guns are typically safer to use and work best with projects involving bonding heat sensitive materials. Projects using foam and polystyrene work best with this gun. Hot melt guns offer more options for adhesive formulations and work well with materials such as plastics, polypropylene, acrylics, and metal.


Maintaining a clean industrial glue gun is vital for proper function and to ensure the longevity of your gun. At the end of every work session, wipe all excess glue off the nozzle. This should be done with the use of protective gloves—but not plastic since they can melt if they come in contact with hot melt—because wiping the nozzle clean can only be done when the applicator is still hot. This prevents glue from building up around the nozzle and blocking your machine.

To do a thorough cleaning, turn on the pressure pump and put cleaner into the machine. When the cleaner is run through the glue gun, it will remove any unreachable adhesive you cannot access by hand. Then fully clear the cleaner out of your glue gun and put the glue stick back in to get back to work.

If the nozzle on your glue gun become blocked, there are several cleaning products to help you. If you are looking for an easy-to-use environmentally friendly cleaner, Melt-O-Clean is an excellent product.


In the unfortunate event that your glue gun has become damaged, it is important to think about which option is better—repairing or replacing. Some issues can be fixed without a specialist, but others may need the assistance of a trained expert.

The cost of your industrial glue gun is important to think about during the conversation of whether to fix or replace. Often, if your machine costs $200 or less, it is easier to replace. If you do try to fix the glue gun yourself, remember that some companies may not honor their warranties if guns have been disassembled.

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Before using your industrial glue gun, always make sure you have comprehensively read the instruction manual. Take note if anything seems out of place on your gun or if there are any dangerous signs of wear and tear, like a cracked nozzle. After you have read the instructions, you can assemble the glue gun in the proper order and make sure to prepare the area where work will be done. With industrial glue guns, safety gloves and glasses should always be worn. Also, wear clothing that covers your skin to reduce the chance of burns.

While using it, never touch the nozzle if your gun is connected to its power source. Use the stand when putting your gun down, to prevent a major fire hazard, and always hold the gun in an upright position with the nozzle facing downward. Always make sure you are around your industrial glue gun when it is plugged in. An unattended gun puts your home or workplace at risk for fire.

Working with an industrial glue gun can be safe and easy if all the proper steps are taken. Educate your employees on proper industrial glue gun use to save your company the cost of having to replace guns frequently.

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