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When you are in the market for an industrial glue gun, you have a lot of options from which to choose. Determining which one is best suited to your unique needs isn’t always easy, especially since there are so many great options on the market.

At, we sell industrial glue guns from a few different manufacturers that are suitable for a variety of applications. Two of our most popular models, though, are the Champ 3 and the TEC 4500B. Both of these tools are great choices, but we thought we’d put together this guide to help you determine which option is best for you. Without further ado, let the showdown begin!

About the Champ 3 Glue Gun

The Champ 3 by Glue Machinery makes dispensing bulk hot melt adhesive easy and affordable. Featuring a 5-ounce melt tank and an adjustable temperature option, it works with all types of bulk hot melt. It has an operating temperature of 284 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and heats up in just 10 minutes, so you won’t have to worry about wasting a lot of time waiting for your equipment to be ready. It melts at a rate of one pound per hour and weighs just under two pounds.

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 If you use a lot of hot adhesives, switching to a bulk melt system could save you a lot of money. While many bulk glue guns require cumbersome air compressors, the Champ 3 is an all-electric device that does not. This device allows you to use bulk melt with a standard handheld glue gun that is easy to use for a wide variety of projects. While the melt rate of one pound per hour is a bit slow, it is perfectly sufficient for smaller projects that don’t require a lot of adhesive.

The Champ 3 is a cost-saving and efficient tool for delivering hot glue for numerous applications. Coming in at less than $600, you can’t go wrong with this gun if you are looking for an affordable way to make the switch from glue sticks to bulk hot melt.

About the TEC 4500B

The TEC 4500B pneumatic extrusion glue gun from Power Adhesives is a versatile and effective solution for a wide variety of product assembly and packaging projects. It features a hot melt chamber that is compatible with both bulk hot melt pellets and glue slugs, and it can be used as either a spray or bead applicator. The TEC 4500B offers enhanced user comfort to decrease fatigue for the operator. An ergonomic design and a weight of just over three pounds make it easy to quickly and comfortably apply large amounts of adhesive. A one-handed twist-lock allows for fast and easy loading of the glue tank, and it melts at a rate of two pounds per hour when using bulk pellets or chips or five and a half pounds per hour when using 1 3/4-inch slugs.

Which Is Better?

Both of these glue guns are well-suited to a wide variety of applications. In the end, though, it all comes down to your personal needs. If you only want to use bulk hot melt and typically work on projects requiring less than one pound of adhesive per hour, the Champ 3 is an excellent choice. It costs several hundred dollars less than the TEC 4500B, and it delivers quality performance that you can depend on.

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If you need more versatility in the types of glue that you can use and how it can be applied, the pneumatic TEC 4500B is a better choice. This option is also better if your operation requires more adhesive than one pound per hour. Delivering up to five and a half pounds each hour (depending on the type of adhesive you use), this device is well-suited to industrial applications in which a significant amount of glue is needed. At, we are proud to sell some of the best glue guns on the market. Whether you are looking for an electric model or a pneumatic sprayer, we have what you need.

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