3M Polygun PG II Bench Mount and Foot Pedal Set-up

3M Polygun PG II with Bench Mount and Foot Pedal for Easy Dispensing

If you're looking for an industrial glue gun designed to stand the test of time, the Mounted 3M PG II Glue Gun with Foot Pedal is a great solution. With reliable, efficient performance, this pneumatic hot glue gun outlasts the competition. Its low-maintenance design and quality components make it an excellent choice for all industrial applications.


The 3M Polygun PG II is one of 3M's longest running glue guns. It's reliable performance is perfect for high volume tasks, dispensing up to 6 pounds of hot glue per hour. It can run all day with very little upkeep. High quality workmanship pays off with this low-maintenance option. Standard and low-temperature versions customize the gun for heat-sensitive or normal applications.

While some glue guns require frequent design updates and changes to improve performance, the 3M PG II is in a class of its own. 3M hasn't required major updates for this industrial glue gun in years. Its reliable performance and efficient design continue to impress industry leaders.

Hands-Free System Set-up

With the foot pedal and bench mount, this pneumatic hot glue gun is a completely hands-free system. The bench mount kit includes a base, clamp, bracket, and nozzle adapter. It mounts the glue gun at a 45 degree angle. Adjust it to get the perfect height for your application. The foot pedal is easy to connect for all-day use.

System Advantages

There are many advantages to using a hands-free system. Because the mounted system is not hand-held, you'll significantly reduce fatigue. Less fatigue on wrists and hands allows you to work with this industrial glue gun all day.

Unlike many industrial glue guns, you can operate this one while sitting down. Eliminate the fatigue associated with standing on a concrete floor or kneeling to get the correct angle. You'll be able to use the 3M Polygun PG II for hours without getting tired.

The glue gun foot pedal is perfect for applying just the right amount of glue. Choose from several nozzles for the perfect application. Consistent application is easy with the foot pedal. With the hands-free mount and the glue gun foot pedal, both hands are free to adjust and move items for precise adhesion.

Pneumatic Dispensing

A pneumatic hot glue gun is a great way to ensure even application of hot melt. The 3M PG II offers a state of the art pneumatic system. It uses air power for consistent pressure and air flow. You'll get a perfect line of hot glue every time with this excellent product. It uses 1" x 3" glue sticks for even, high volume dispensing. Hook it up to the bench mount and glue gun foot pedal for the easiest application. The 3M Polygun PG II offers smooth, easy hot melt application with minimal maintenance for long-term use.


The 3M PG II assists in a wide variety of applications. Bind foam, wood, plastic, cardboard, and fabric with this industrial glue gun. A wide variety of adhesives are available for every type of project.


  • This incredible tool makes packaging easy and produces professional results. Close corrugated cartons, lightly waxed packages, and five-panel folded cartons completely hands-free. Use packaging glue sticks to create a fast initial tack to cardboard, paper board, card stock, and other lightweight materials. Whatever type of packaging you use, this tool is essential for delivering professionally packaged products. 
  • If you're manufacturing a product, this is a fantastic tool for assembly. From assembling plastic pieces to reinforcing luggage, the 3M PG II has everything you need to put your product together. It's also great for fabrics and apparel or toys and games.
Furniture and Woodworking
  • Use this pneumatic hot glue gun to upholster furniture with ease. Bond fabric with a perfectly consistent line of glue. It's also great for wood drawer guides and V-groove bonding.
Trade Exhibits and Retail
  • Create the perfect booth, counter top, or jewelry display to show off your business products. Bond corrugated displays or polystyrene foam for a truly professional look. Personalize your displays for the perfect fit.

Polygun PG II Basics

This industrial glue gun has 6 main parts: the trigger, variable regulator, speed loader stick feed, piston, insulating sleeve, and nozzle valve. When you pull the trigger, the variable regulator releases air pressure into the stick feeder. The air pressure pushes the piston, which feeds the glue stick into the insulating sleeve. The sleeve keeps the applicator cool while the internal heat block melts the adhesive and pushes it through the nozzle valve. The simple design is reliable and easy to use.

Other High Volume Applications

In addition to the applications listed above, this high volume system is also ideal for electronics. Use it to precisely assemble electronic equipment. Just change the adhesive and use the same glue gun to package your finished product.

Two temperature models meet high volume needs. Choose the low temperature glue gun for plastics, electronics, fabric, and other heat-sensitive applications. At about 250 degrees Fahrenheit, your products will stay safe. Pick the standard model, which operates at about 380 degrees Fahrenheit,  for a stronger, longer-lasting bond. 

With minimal maintenance and unsurpassed reliability, this industrial glue gun will last for years. Use a variety of adhesives for all your manufacturing and packaging needs. You'll save time and money with this reliable glue gun. Use the foot pedal and ergonomic bench mount for hours of comfortable use. Take charge of your operation with this smooth, easy-to-use pneumatic hot glue gun. Fast, professional results will bring your product to the next level.

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