Power Adhesives Announces B-TEC 807 Glue GUn

First Battery Powered Glue Gun from Power Adhesives - B-TEC 807

Power Adhesives is one of the leading producers of hot melt adhesives and adhesive technology in Europe, and around the world. They have manufactured state-of-the-art industrial hot melt adhesives, glue guns, and glue sticks for more than 40 years, and continue to set a standard of excellence for the industry.

Power Adhesives has just announced the release of their new model glue gun, the B Tec 807 Cordless Glue Gun. The B Tec 807 is a portable, battery-powered glue gun that offers the user the ability to work anywhere, without the hassle and safety hazards of a power cord. It provides excellent accessibility, which makes it an ideal choice for trickier applications in manufacturing, assembly, and installation, including auto-body repair, cable installation, and window dressing, among others. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other features available on the B Tec 807.  

Special Features

The B Tec 807 from Power Adhesives offers precision, efficiency, and accuracy for the user, without mentioning how simple it is to operate. It warms up in only 3-minutes, features an operating temperature of approximately 200°C / 392°F (LT 120°C / 248°F), and utilizes universal size ½” (200mm) glue sticks. It also features a dispensing rate of 4lbs/hour. The RYOBI 18V 1.5Ah lithium+ consumer power tool battery system also allows the B Tec to fully recharge in just 60-minutes, and includes an on-board 4-stage fuel gauge that displays when it’s time to recharge the battery. The adjustable full-hand lever trigger and soft-feel grip handle also makes it extremely comfortable to use, reducing user wear and increasing workplace productivity.

Safety Instructions

There are a few safety rules that should always be followed whenever the B Tech 807 is being used. For starters, the tool should never be used if the battery has been damaged in any way. You should also avoid using the gun in damp rooms. Do not expose the gun to areas that are exposed to rain or moisture. Flammable and heat-sensitive materials, including liquids and gases, should also be kept out of the vicinity, and hot glue or adhesive should not be applied to the same area for an extended period of time, as this poses additional fire safety hazards. The tool should be turned off whenever you switch out the battery pack and/or corresponding charger, and you should only use batteries that are recommended for this model. Finally, do not place battery packs near a fire or other heat source, nor incinerate or dispose of batteries in a fire, as this could cause it to explode.  

Tips For Use

Along with following the general safety guidelines aforementioned, as well as those provided by Power Adhesives, there are a few other tips you might find useful to preserve the life and performance of your glue gun. A good way to protect the battery’s contacts from short-circuits when they are not connected to the tool is by placing electrical tape over the contacts before recycling or disposal. Always check that the gun has reached its optimal temperature before operating it, and never leave the tool switched on without use for an extended period of time. Power Adhesives manufactures the B Tech 807 with a fitted stand, which you should always use in place of laying the gun on its side. You should always only use adhesives that were designed for this specific model, but never remove a partially used glue stick, as this can lead to irreparable damage to the gun.

Power Adhesives offers the B Tec 807 Cordless glue gun as part of a portable kit, or as an individual unit. The kit includes the RYOBI 18V 1.5Ah lithium+ battery, and corresponding charger, and comes in a portable plastic case. The professionals at Gluegun.com can assist you with any questions or concerns you have regarding this model. Call us today at 855-437-7700 and speak to one of our courteous representatives today.

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