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A Little About Jensen Global Adhesive Needles, Tips and Syringes

At, we make sure that our partners are among the most reputable in the business, so that our customers always have quality products from a dependable source at their disposal. Greg Jensen founded Jensen Global, Inc. in 2002 after a 26-year career in the industry, and has since built the company from the ground up. Jensen Global’s goal has always been to provide customers with high quality dispensing products from a trusted and reliable name. The experts at Jensen Global know their customers expect professionalism, trust, and personal service, and work hard to deliver this everyday. Our ongoing focus is to cater to every customer’s individual needs, no matter how big or how small.

Needles and Tips

When deciding on what needles and tips to purchase for your adhesive application, the type of adhesive you are using will be an important factor. There are four main types of tips: Flexible, Tapered, Stainless Steel, and PTFE-Lined. When using more generalized adhesives, anyone of the four types will do. Light-cured adhesives should be dispensed with a tapered tip, but never use a flexible tip for these adhesives.

Fast-cured and non-gel cyanoacrylate (super-glue) adhesives are dispensed best with a flexible, tapered, or PTFE-Lined tip. Gel cyanoacrylate adhesives also work best with tapered or PTFE-Lined tips, but you can use any of the four for these adhesives. Never use flexible tips with general epoxy adhesives. Silver epoxies can only be dispensed using a stainless steel tip, so do not use any of the other kinds. Solder and braze paste should be dispensed with stainless steel or tapered tips.

Available at is a proud premier partner of Jensen Global, Inc. We offer a variety of Jensen products, ranging from glue gun tips, cartridges, and needles, all of which are available on our products page. These products vary by application, size, and even industry, but they all come from the same reliable source. Let’s take a look at some needle tip products from Jensen Global you can now find at

Jensen Global All Metal Hub and Tube Needle

Jensen’s All Metal Hub and Tube Needle is a specialty, all-metal 24-gauge needle, 3 inches in length. It offers optimum performance and excellent durability, so you can use it on larger projects requiring extended use without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

Jensen Global PTFE Lined Specialty Needles

These PTFE-Lined specialty needles from Jensen are 21-gauge, 0.5 inch needles that are available in 50-pieces box sets. They provide the strength of a metal tip with the scratchproof lining of PTFE. PTFE-Lined tips are perfect for applications that require smearing or spreading of the adhesive, or when using substrates that scratch easily.

Jensen Global T Series PTFE Flexible Needles

Jensen’s T Series are disposable, PTFE-Lined flexible needles that feature PTFE tubing in place of the more conventional metal needle tip. This material helps keep your substrate surfaces scratch-free while offering users the ability to reach tricky corners and awkward angles. They are also produced with a 0.5 inch needle length and are available in a variety of gauge sizes.

Jensen Global TT Series Taper Tip Needles

The TT Series from Jensen are a group of taper-tip needles manufactured at a length of 1.25 inches and varying gauge-size options. Like the HPTT series, these tips do not create excessive backpressure, and therefore minimize the amount of adhesive dripping during application. Like PTFE-Lined tips, these tips are also great for using on surfaces that are easily scratched.

Jensen Global HPTT Series High Precision Taper Tip Needles

These specialty precision-tip needles from Jensen are available in a variety of gauges, but are all 1.25 inches in length and feature a helix hub and varying ID openings on either side. These tips are best for dispensing medium to high viscosity adhesives because they create less back pressure upon application. Jensen’s HPTT series are produced at a higher quality than their TT series, making these tips one of Jensen’s more reliable needle-tip products.

Jensen Global Pro Series Polypropylene Flexible Needles

Jensen’s Pro Series of needles and tips are made with a flexible, polypropylene tubing, allowing them to fit into hard-to-reach or awkward corners and fixtures. These needles are available in a number of gauge-sizes and are manufactured at a 0.5” length. They are particularly useful when dispensing cyanacrylates, or super glues.

Jensen Global IT Series Standard Needles – 50-1000 Needle Packages

The IT Standard needle features a luer lock hub and stainless steel tubing. It is disposable and offered in a variety of gauge sizes and needle length. These needles are produced in a silicone-free process, and, like most needle tips from Jensen, are color coded to distinguish a variety of tip sizes and lengths. After the IT needle is inserted into the helix style plastic hub, the 304 stainless steel portion of the needle is bonded with a strong UV adhesive.

Jensen Global IT Series Bend Specialty Needles

Jensen’s IT Bend series of needles are available in a variety of needle lengths and gauge sizes, and are available in both 45˚ or 90˚ angles. Like the IT Standard series, these needles feature a luer lock hub that is molded of polypropylene plastic and adhered to a stainless steel nozzle with a UV adhesive.

Jensen Global NT Series High Precision Needles

The NT Series of High-Precision needles from Jensen are non-sharp, high quality stainless steel needles that feature a luer lock hub. This series from Jensen is available in all gauge sizes and needle lengths, so you can find exactly the right kind for your application. They utilize a universal color code to distinguish gauge sizes, and are produced using a silicone-free process. They are also put through an additional de-burring process to provide the smoothest dispensing possible. is ready to help you find the adhesive, dispensing equipment, and accessories you need for your specific application or industry. For more information regarding these needle and tip products, call and speak to one of our courteous and knowledgeable representatives at 855-437-7700.

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