Infinity Bond New Industrial Hot Melt Glue Sticks Are Available Now!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is spring once again. A time of thawing, change and renewal for everyone and everything under the sun – and that includes us here at, too. 

You know how we can tell that it's springtime? There was one day last week that it didn't snow. Ah, the joys of basing your company in Minnesota.

Happy April everyone! In the spirit of the new season, we are proud to announce that Infinity Melt has just released a whole basket full of new industrial hot melt glue sticks, and has been lucky enough to get the chance carry all of them.

Let's go over the new lineup:

  • For the packagers: You hit pay dirt with this latest product release – Infinity Melt has made four different industrial hot melt glue sticks available for applications in the packaging industry.  These include InfinityPack (a fast-setting, clean-burning, amber-colored hot melt) FreezerPack (great for packaging frozen goods or, you know, if your company is based in Minnesota,) CleanPack (for the most fastidious foes of hot melt messes) and MultiPack, which works in both high and low melt glue guns.
  • For the product assembly folks: You get three new options, including Templator (perfect for those of you working with solid surfaces,) TotalTac (the general purpose hot melt, which we lovingly refer to as Old Faithful) and UltraTac (TotalTac's bigger, more aggressive brother, used for bonding plastics and other nonporous surfaces.)
  • For those of you that need high performance hot melt:  If you work with surfaces that are difficult to bond, you need one of Infinity Melt's two new options. Choose from BuildTac (which is strong enough to bond tack strips to concrete) or SuperTac 11 (Infinity Melt's most powerful, super premium adhesive that holds where all other hot melts fail.)
  • For the woodworkers: You'll be pleased to know that Infinity Melt didn't leave you out – their newest product for woodworking is called WoodTac, and it features a fast grab and medium set time. It's perfect for those of you in the furniture industry, because it doesn't just bond to wood – it'll grab vinyl, fabric and some plastics, as well.

You can see the entire lineup at Infinity Melt's web site, and all of them are, of course, available in our extensive array of hot melt glue stick products

Now get out there and enjoy that fresh, sunny air – and please tell us how great your springtime is going in the comments. We're still shoveling snow out of our driveways, so we could use the extra motivation.

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