Pneumatic Epoxy Cartridge Gun Guide

Pneumatic dispensing for cartridges makes applications easy. Manual cartridge guns can cause worker hand fatigue quickly. We do admit that having a couple manual cartridge guns on hand for backup is always a good idea.  

We offer all of the following cartridge ratios 1:1, 2:1, 4:1,10:1. We carry pneumatic glue guns for 50ml, 200ml and 400ml cartridges. Naturally, the most common pneumatic applicators are for the 200ml & 400ml size. Why? The 200ml and 400ml cartridges offer the highest cost savings and simply go further than 50ml cartridges.


Most applications that switch to pneumatic cartridge guns are to increase productivity, ease operator fatigue and effectiveness. Now, obviously

these pneumatic cartridge guns can other cartridge adhesives not just epoxy.  However, epoxy adhesive is the most popular adhesive for these pneumatic guns.  Another reason pneumatic epoxy guns are great? They minimize product waste, which saves money. can not only help you get the right pnuematic epoxy gun, but also can supply you with adhesives and static mix nozzles. We are all about one stop shopping.  Too make things even easier, we can set up blanket orders and everything will arrive when you need it.  

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