Using PamTite Flex 40 for hardwood floor installation

Before starting your hardwood flooring installation, you will want to take the following steps and have the following materials at your disposal:

  • PAM HB220 glue gun: Plug in the glue gun before starting the installation to give it ample time to warm up. The HB220 glue gun will be used throughout the installation so should remain plugged in and placed in a convenient location for use.
  • PAMTite Adhesive: PAMTite Adhesive will be used for a few different purposes throughout the installation. Having an ample amount of the adhesive is required. Not only will PAMTite be used to adhere flooring, but it can be used to bond corners that might get chipped off during installation.

Instructions for Hardwood Flooring Application:

  1. Starting and Finishing Rows:

Getting a strong bond during installation is important in securing flooring. Be sure that the floor is swept and clean of any dirt, paint, or other debris and that PAMTite is only applied to a concrete floor that has a vapor barrier of urethane or epoxy. For the best installation results, follow these steps:

  • 1" slits will be cut in the vapor barrier paper, every 5" horizontal to the plank; and at the end of each plank, horizontal to it. The subfloor should now be exposed under the slits.
  • Before setting the plank down, apply PAMTite adhesive directly to the floor, through the slits.
  • Keeping in mind that there is only a 1 minute open time after application of PAMTite so place the plank to the floor immediately after application.
  • Because finishing rows take more time to align and install, use PAMTite Plus for these rows. The open time is 2 minutes and will allow more time for the proper placement.
    1. Push Off Board:

    A push off board will be needed when beginning installation. PAMTite should be used to adhere the starting plank to the subfloor and will be used as your push off board. Please refer to step 1 for proper installation.

    1. Board Replacement

    When replacing a board or plank in your flooring using PAMTite adhesive, please refer to the instructions in step 1.

    1. End Caps, Extension, and Corners

    When reaching the perimeter of the flooring installation, sometimes things will be uneven. If this is the case, boards will be cut to finish the perimeter of your flooring. Once measurements have been taken and the board has been cut, follow the instructions in step 1 for installation. NOTE: If a corner has been accidentally cut off, PAMTite can be used to adhere the corner back to the plank.

    1. Stair Nosings

    As a substitute, PAMTite adhesive can be used to hold stair nosings until the proper mechanical fasteners can be inserted. PAMTite can be applied with the HB220 glue gun, using a 3mm nozzle. Before attaching the stair nosing to the stair step, dispense a continuous line of glue every 2" horizontal to the nosing.

    1. Trims, Transitions, T-Molding

    When installing trim, transition strips or molding, using PAMTite will give the piece a quick bond and eliminate having to use fasteners; which, in turn gives your floor a seamless look. With t-molding, apply the adhesive along both sides of the bottom to give it a good amount of glue for the best bond.

    1. 1/4" Round Molding Base

    When applying PAMTite to 1/4" round molding, it should be applied to the side that will bond to the vertical wall; this will give a gap-free, flush fit to the floor. This will give moldings a more eye-appealing look versus using fasteners.

    1. Hollow Spot Filler

    PAMTite is also great for filling in hollow spots in both, unfinished wood flooring and prefinished wood flooring. Fill the holes with PAMTite prior to sanding and finishing the floor for a smooth, unnoticeable, and damage-free look. Use the following instructions for filling hollow spots:

    Instructions for Filling Hollow Spots during Hardwood Flooring Installation

    You will need the following tools for filling hollow spots:

    1. Using the electric drill and drill bit, drill a hole in the center of the hollow spot, making sure you completely penetrate the board. Save the wood fibers for later instruction.
    1. Place the PAM 88606 Hi-Flow nozzle into the drilled hole and fill with PAMTite adhesive until it flows out of the drilled hole.
    1. Using a putty knife and cloth, clear away any residue. NOTE: PAMTite adhesive will be hot.
    1. Remove any excess adhesive from the flooring with an appropriate hardwood floor cleaner.
    1. To give the finishing touch to the hollow fill, you can fill the hole with the wood fibers and then stain over it; stain over the PAMTite adhesive directly; or insert a wooden dowel and then stain.


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