Low Pressure Molding with Hot Melt

If high quality sealing of components is what you are looking for in your job, look no further, Overtec power adhesives are your answer. Using thermoplastic molding resin, the Overtec system will not only give you high quality seal, but will also protect your components.

Using a low injection pressure, the Overtec system ensures that even the most delicate and fragile components can be encased without the fear of damage. The Overtec system is easy to learn and use, the job is done cleanly and quickly and is more cost effective than injection molding, as well.

The following equipment is used in the Overtec Power Adhesive system: Power Adhesives Overtec 820-15 Low Pressure Molding Glue Gun

  • Overtec 820-15 - The 820-15 is a glue gun with adjustable temperatures. It is medium sized, making it easy to handle, yet it is still heavy duty. The glue gun features an illuminated on and off switch, and once switched on, will only take two minutes to warm up. Specs of the Overtec 820-15: It has a melt rate of 5.5 lbs. per hour, it holds a 5/8" glue stick, it has a user adjustable thermostat with a hotmelt range of 310-430°F, and it is light in weight, weighing only 18 oz.
  • Overtec 5 FR Molding Resin - 5 FR is a polyamide molding resin designed for the specific use of overmolding. Due to it providing a higher output than some other casting applications, it allows for more cost-effective labor, as well as reduced cycle times. It is an excellent product for electrical molding and has a flammability rating of UL-V0. The 5 FR black glue sticks are 5/8" round and 10" long.

The operation process of this equipment is quick and easy. Simply place an Overtec 5 FR black resin stick into the Overtec 820-15 glue gun, plug it in, and allow it to warm for two minutes to get to the optimal temperature for use. Place the glue gun nozzle into the hole of the aluminum mold, pull the trigger, and voila!, you have dispensed the liquid resin. Be sure that you are completely filling the hole and allow for shrinkage. It will only take a few seconds for the liquid resin to set and your pieces are ready to be removed.

Using the high quality Overtec 820-15 glue gun and the Overtec 5 FR glue sticks, you will not only get consistent overmolding, but you will be getting the most bang for your buck. This cost-effective electrical molding system eliminates some of the additional needs that can be found in potting, such as casings and housings. Try the Overtec system today and start adding more time to your day and putting money back in your pocket.

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